Namoki makes mods for various stock movements and is very popular with the Seiko modder set. If you’re looking for an interesting (if frustrating) gift, however, I can easily recommend one of their DIY watch kits.

The kids include a case, hands, straps, and even a little assembly toolkit. The kits include a Seiko NH35A movement and all the pieces you need to build a working watch. But before you buy this for your watch loving friend or relation – and you honestly should – there are a few caveats.

The tools Namoki includes are acceptable but if you’ve never built a watch you definitely need a hand press to get these minuscule hands onto your watch. I used this one from Amazon but you can find others online. Do not, under any circumstances, depend on the tools the company includes with the kit because you will tear up your hands. I’ve been building watches for a decade now and this was one of the hardest kids to use for that specific reason.

Other than that this was a lot of fun. It’s basically a very nice, very-well made watch in kit form. A $269 it won’t break the bank and you can choose a few styles including colorful Rolex-style watches. The watches are a touch small at 39mm but the real draw here is the ability to DIY your own watch. The best part? When you’re done you’ll have a full watchmaking kit (including the hand press I recommended) to start pulling apart your own watches.

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