Apparently it’s a thing now to wear fancy bracelets with watches. I don’t do it personally but damn if these aren’t some nice looking pieces. They’re made by a company called Ephori and they’re completely bespoke so you can put in your initials, your name, or even your Gmail password right on the bracelet. They’re from the UK so they’re about $100 as the Brexit flies and they look pretty classy.

Again, would I wear a watch bracelet combo? I’m not so sure. But a nice Rolex with a beaded bracelet something more solid akin to my dad’s old ID bracelet he wore in his misspent youth could look good. I don’t want to focus on the fashion of the thing but I do want to be open to new ideas.

Anyway if you guys dig this kind of thing we can cover more of it. Let us know in comments and I can request a few for giveaway or review.

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