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Pacific Standrd Time 02

Pacific Standard Time Wood Watches, Sealed for Their Protection

There was a period when I was intrigued by the possibilities of a wooden watch case. They were a little unique looking, they were not very common, and they were different. Then, in a flash, they were everywhere and generic, and the limitations of the material really came into focus. The Pacific Standard Time Wood Watches hopes to at least limit one of the material’s obvious flaws, a lack of water resistance. It also looks pretty good, though I would have preferred an auto over a quartz chronograph.

Christopher Ward C60 Chronograph 03

Christopher Ward C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600, Now Available for Pre-Order

The diver’s chronograph is an interesting combination of features, and the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600 is the latest entry, and the brand’s first, into that category. Now, I own a diving chrono (not from CW, another brand), and I like the look, but the complication is certainly not going to be useful for diving. With the screw down protectors for the pushers, it can’t be operated underwater, so it is a stylistic choice here. You want a diver as you swim deep into the paperwork at your desk, and you like the features of a chronograph. The usefulness of the complication aside, I do think it is a very attractive watch.


Introducing Belmoto Timepieces

Sometimes, a brand will want to branch out into new designs – this happens quite a bit, across many industries. If there is some concern that the new direction might dilute or otherwise confuse what had already been built, a new brand will be created, allowing some other avenues to be explored. Of course, all the expertise and history travel along from the sister brand, which makes what we have with the Belmoto Timepieces an interesting proposition.

Detroit Watch Co M1 Woodward B 1

Detroit Watch Co M1 Woodward, Built for Cruising

There are a couple of American brands that we have been able to forge relationships with here at WWR, and I am proud to say that Detroit Watch Company is one of those. This is the second of their watches I have been able to check out in person, the first being the 1701. Let’s just say I liked that watch, so I had high hopes for the Detroit Watch Co M1 Woodward. At least for me, they are now 2-0 (can’t say the Lions are doing that well, sorry Patrick).