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The Zenith of Lightweight Chronographs

Posted on 24 April 2014 by Matt Himmelstein


There is a term for cyclist that applies to those of us who ride that are obsessed with getting a bike as light as it can get.  They are called weight weenies.  Well, for you weight weenies out there, meet your watch.  Zenith is releasing a limited run of their El Primero Chronograph that tips the scales at a mere 15.9 grams.  That is a bit over 1/2 an ounce, or to put it in another context, about 3 seedless grapes.

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TRIWA’s ‘Sort of Black’ Flips it Around

Posted on 17 April 2014 by Matt Himmelstein


TRIWA (Transforming the Industry of Watches) is a Scandinavian watch company more aligned with the fashion of watches than the intricacies of the mechanics.  They sell in fashion boutiques and follow the fashion calendar, with two releases a year.  For the Spring collection, they have taken their existing Sort of Black Watch (all black with a bit of gold on the hands) and reversed the color scheme, producing a gold watch with a bit of black on the hands, in both a 3-hander and chronograph version. Continue Reading

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Kickstart a Minimalist Chronograph

Posted on 25 March 2014 by Matt Himmelstein

TT Leather

Talley & Twine wants to upgrade your style.  They want you to buy a watch from the “World’s Best Dressed Watch Company.”  Now, I am going to say that it is pretty unlikely that Talley & Twine is the world’s best dressed watch company.  Maybe they are, but I have my doubts.  Buying a watch from them will not put you on a list of 10 best dressed gentlemen.  But the Worley Chronograph that is available now on Kickstarter is a pretty nice looking watch.  I would hazard that it could possibly make you a better dressed, depending on what else you might have available to put on your wrist. Continue Reading

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Dubey & Schaldenbrand Grand Dome DT Review

Posted on 31 October 2013 by Patrick Kansa



Often, when you’re searching for a dressier watch, you find the same designs and combinations, often in a three-hand style. While there’s nothing wrong with that style (it’s a classic for a reason), it’s nice now and again to have something a bit different come up – and that’s what we have today from Dubey & Schaldenbrand. Continue Reading

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Review: Omega Speedmaster Day Date

Posted on 09 June 2007 by John Biggs


I’m an Omega-lover to my core… not sure why, but over the few years I’ve been collecting, Omega has consistently excited and invited me without putting me off with odd designs and frou-frou styling. I wear my Seamaster Pro Chrono daily, rarely swapping it for other watches, and until it breaks or pulls me to the bottom of the ocean, that probably won’t change.

That said, I also like my Speedmaster Triple Calendar. I’ve had it for about a year now and didn’t write it up simply because I’m too lazy. However, it’s a real charmer.

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F. P. Journe Centigraphe Souverain Super-Chrono

Posted on 14 May 2007 by John Biggs

“The Centigraphe Souverain from F.P. Journe. An in-house designed and manufactured fully-integrated chronograph, beating at 21,600 bph AND able to record elapsed time down to a mechanically nanoscopic 1/100 of a second! Combined with the tachometer scales, being able to measure intervals of 1/100th second makes it theoretically possible to time something moving at 360,000 km/hr.”

Wait, what?
Centigraphe Souverain by F. P. Journe [THE WATCHISMO TIMES]

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POW Rolex

Posted on 07 May 2007 by John Biggs


War, Rolexi, and classice movies. Quite a combo.

A 1940s Rolex chronograph that belonged to a British prisoner of war at the Stalag Luft III camp in Nazi Germany is coming up for sale at Antiquorum in Geneva on May 13 and 14. With it is the logbook Corporal Clive Nutting of the Royal Corps of Signals kept during his wartime captivity. It’s a collection of unpublished cartoons, illustrations and photographs revealing a new insight into camp life and the mass breakout of 76 POWs made famous in the movie, The Great Escape.

POW Rolex Part 1 – TimeZone

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Formex Camo Pilot

Posted on 01 March 2007 by John Biggs

formexmontre-thumb.jpgThis is the first I’ve heard of Formex, but it looks fairly cool. It’s got a strange coloration with a crazy camo band, so it might be good for nights in the brush. And I do love me a bullhead.

The classic pilot watch from the AS1500 series is now for sale in a black version and as a “limited edition,” in a camouflage battledress style. These watches come with a beige or green face and, in addition to the usual titanium and silicone bracelet, with a fabric strap in the matching colour.

Formex Camouflage Pilot Watch [PROFESSIONAL WATCHES]

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