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A Beginner’s Guide to Every Day Carry



As you know, every few weeks we have been bringing you some interesting content from our pals over at Every Day Carry.  Now I (and I’m sure many others) are rather familiar with the concepts of Every Day Carry (or EDC), and may have already submitted photos on the site (if you have, let us know).  For those who are not as familiar, then something of a primer may be in order.


That, dear reader, is exactly what Bernard Capulong and Every Day Carry have for you, in the form of this article.  Rather than call out specific items for recommendation, they instead run you through eight of the most common categories that folks will usually find themselves carrying.


Whether or not you’re familiar with the Every Day Carry concepts or not, the article is a good, quick overview of what you might want to put some more thought into the next time you head out the door.  everydaycarry.com

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