It’s that time again, time for another bi-weekly look at interesting gear and pocket dumps from our friends over at Every Day Carry.  Today we have a great monochromatic pocket dump, one that I could easily have seen coming from my own pockets.

Not that I have all of this gear myself (aside from the flashlight), but the fact that the owner of these goodies, Pat (great name, by the way) labels himself as an IT Specialist.  And, as my career has been in and out of IT departments, this stuff just sort of clicks.

Of course, that Damasko DA36 is a great example of a high-quality (and clean) pilot watch, sure to be of interest to folks here.  I also like the inclusion of the paracord lanyards on the light and knife – while not useful for emergency purposes, sure does make things easier for pulling out of a pocket.  I should think about getting a lanyard on to my light, now that I think about it…

Any which way, for a the full breakdown of what Pat is carrying in his Every Day Carry, head on over here.  While you’re there, submit your own pocket dump, and then drop us a line so we can build up our own roundup of WWR readers from EDC.  everydaycarry.com

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