The BR 03-92 is a the kind of watch that defines the Bell & Ross aesthetic. Bold, weird, and aimed at aviators, it’s a ceramic piece with an all-black design and enough lume to light up a dark cockpit.

The $4,000 watch features a unique layered dial with bright lume at four cardinal points as well as layered and lumed hands. Instead of an hour hand it uses an hour disk under a seconds and minutes hand. B&R writes:

On the lower level, the hours are indicated by a green triangle marker which appears in the center through an independent concentric disc which is not graduated.
This ultra-light disc was developed to ensure that neither accuracy nor power of the watch were reduced. Furthermore, the disc needs to be sufficiently resistant so as to not become deformed from risk of any friction.

While I’d love a GMT in this design, this standard model comes in a 42mm case and has a date window at 4:30. It ships in June, 2020, just in time for flying season.

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