The metaverse is the new big thing. Facebook is now Meta. The University of Nicosia is teaching courses on Metaverse. And now, Casio wants to be a part, with the Casio Virtual Worlds collection.

Everyone’s getting in on the future! And it’s a glorious future, with virtual worlds. In the 80’s, the future was heavy, with lots of neon. Here in 2021, the future is matte black with touches of violet, and no one is better able to show that off than Casio Virtual Worlds.

Casio Virtual Worlds aren’t actually virtual at all; there’s no NFT component, no metaverse interaction. Instead, there are 3 physical wristwatches.

Starting with the most recent addition to th G-Shock line, The analog-digital GA2100VB-1A is a leap into the other-worldliness of VR. The basic black coloring of the watch is accented by blue violet, which Casio says, “creates a futuristic atmosphere of virtual reality for the GA2100 with octagonal bezel.”

The analog-digital GA700VB-1A updates the big case GA700 with… you guessed it, black accented by blue violet. Because blue violet is futuristic. It’s hard to deny this is a good looking watch. The GA700 is, in nearly any color.

GA900VB-1A is the most wild of them all, with blue violet dominating the watch face.

These are big watches. Most G-Shock are. Apparently, the virtual reality has no room for small watches. The GA2100 is 42.9mm wide watch, GA700 is 53.4mm, and GA900 is 49.5mm.

The pricing isn’t from another dimension: GA2100VB-1A is $99. GA700VB-1A is $110. GA900VB-1A is $140. None of these will cause your bank account to recoil with vertigo. None of the watches add any new features over their non-virtual collection counterparts, they just look very, very cool.

ByVictor Marks

sometimes described as "The best bang since the Big One."

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