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Introducing some new versions of the Victorinox Alliance XS

We here at WWR are, well, guys. As such, we tend very much to focus on watches that interest us, and as such, watches for the women out there tend to get short shrift. Now, some of that is for good reason – just shrinking a watch down and throwing some hearts on it does not an interesting design make. Then you’ve got something like the Victorinox Alliance XS, and you can see what a watch designed specially for the smaller dimensions can be.

Which Sub-$500 Chrono?

Swiss Army Chrono Auitomatic FA18 24464 Mens WatchGreat thread over at WuS about sub-$500 chronos. I second the notion that the Swiss Army chronos are killer and very inexpensive. Hamilton should be down in the $500 range as well.

There are some Swiss Army 9G 600 Chronograph going on ebay now for $450, they have the valjoux 7750 movement. You don’t often see that caliber movement at that low price. There is a massive thread in the affordable forum here talking about them.

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Swiss Army Watches: They’re Getting Better


Detailed discussion of Swiss Army Watches over at WuS. I’ve actually been quite impressed with some of them, especially their newer mechanical line. What’s your experience been?

Good value for the money and they have gotten serious. They have
been selling mechanical watches for some time and have a three year

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