Good value for the money and they have gotten serious. They have
been selling mechanical watches for some time and have a three year

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4 thoughts on “Swiss Army Watches: They’re Getting Better”
  1. I have a Swiss Army Officer’s watch from 1994-95. Aside from replacing the battery several times, it has never failed and keeps respectably accurate time. I used to wear it during my retail days and it never scratched despite a little abuse (I have since worn it only during office work). over a decade of use and still going strong! I would recommend an over $300 SA watch to anyone looking for style and durability at an affordable price. I currently have traded with my Dad for his Tag Heuer but I’m thinking of trading back! Money aside, the Swiss was less to worry about and has a more rugged appeal vs a Tag.

  2. I bought an outgoing Swiss Army mechanical self-winder with 25 jewel movement 8 years ago and can thoroughly recommend them. It keeps accurate within 30 seconds over 2 weeks on hot days and within 30 seconds over a couple of months during the winter. This is about the norm for a mechanical watch, only my Seiko Kinetic has bettered that with perfect time over 6 months. You want better – get a radio-controlled! Even better; get a life that doesn’t depend on every second. I drove a bus for 15 years and needed good watches to keep the timetable. Now I’m retired the Swiss Army has been dusted off and is used all the time, not just in my free time. The glass on the front and the back are scratch-free. The only fault is the wind-down winder doesn’t anymore. Needs a service m’thinks. And I replaced the original metal wristband with a leather one for comfort. It’ll last me the rest of my life.

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