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Lotushirt – the review

A little bit ago, we brought you word of a new shirt showing up on Kickstarter, the Lotushirt.  Since then, we’ve gotten a sample in, and we’re back to give you our thoughts on this rather unique travel shirt.

Kicking it with the Samuel Hubbard Uptown Maverick

In our more recent boot reviews (here and here) we’ve focused in on a variety of different barefoot-style boots.  While I’ve found those to be rather comfortable, we realize that that is not everyone’s cup of tea.  Styling can be a large part of that, particularly if you’re looking for a pair of boots that cut a more traditional profile.  To that end, we’ve been spending time with a pair of Samuel Hubbard Uptown Maverick boots.

Go Anywhere, Do Anything Pants – aka the Western Rise Evolution Pant

Alright, for those of who you just want us to talk watches, my apologies.  As I said yesterday, I’m running across all sorts of really cool clothing campaigns out there, particularly those who cater to making gear that is perfect for travel and the outdoors.  The latest of those is the Western Rise Evolution Pant.

Another way to go barefoot – the Xero DayLite Hiker

The last boot review seemed like it was well-received, and I think is a good foray for us watch guys (and gals) to think about other parts of our ensemble, you know, what you wear, day in, day out.  As I mentioned in previous menswear reviews, watches are really functional jewelry, and as such, are rightfully considered as accessories (as well as being functional tools).  So, that’s why I’m going to continue bringing you some other options that might be falling in the same sort of category.  Though, footwear is more of a necessity than a watch.  Today, we’ve got another barefoot-style boot under the review desk, the Xero DayLite Hiker.

The Lotushirt wants to travel with you

I know, I know – it was just yesterday that I was talking about some jeans on Kickstarter.  Well, for whatever reason, there are some really interesting menswear projects hitting, so they’ll be showing up here when appropriate.  One of the latest is a shirt I wish I would have had on a trip I was on last week – the Lotushirt.

You want an even more durable selvedge? Then about some Half Century Jeans?

When it comes to selvedge jeans, I’m a believer.  I’ve only got a single pair at the moment (from another Kickstarter project, funnily enough – back when Gustin was starting up), but they’ve been the longest-lasting jeans I’ve had.  Probably going on 6+ years now of at least weekly wear, and they’re holding up like nothing else I’ve had.  The just-launched project from Half Century Jeans looks to improve even on that.

Hiking around town in the VivoBarefoot Tracker FG

If you’re in to watches, you are also likely into some other aspects what you have on your person, day in and day out.  That’s why you’ve seen us cover off on things like everyday carry (#EDC) items, such as the flashlights from ASP (psst!  we also have a giveaway running for one of those).  That also explains why we’re in to talking about articles of clothing, as – if chosen and constructed well – they will be as indispensable in your daily routines.  The last pair of boots I talked to you about unfortunately did not hold up well at all.  The time I’ve spent so far with the VivoBarefoot Tracker FG, well, that seems to indicate a much different – and better – pair of footwear.

Yo Qüero to customize all the things!

So, if you’ve been around here awhile, you know we like to customize things.  You also are aware that I like to think I know something about menswear (aka, I appreciate quality and like stuff that looks good).  So, while that means I’ve tried out a variety of customized stuff (a suit, some shirts, and a watch), I’ve never done a custom pair of shoes.  Well, now you and I can do exactly that via a Kickstarter that is wrapping up this Sunday.

Time for some new cufflinks? Uriel has you covered!

When it comes to Kickstarter projects, it takes something well out of the ordinary to make the dark, cynical hearts of us watch editors (at least here at WWR) to take notice.  Then you have something like the Uriel Geneqt GE001 cufflinks come along, and you just have to rub your eyes, wondering if you’re in a dream (feverish or otherwise).

Custom shirting with Deo Veritas

If it hasn’t been obvious, I find that watches are a great way to accent or support your personal style.  Sure, they are functional tools, but they can also convey a message about your personality.  As well, they should also be relatable to what you’re wearing.  For instance, you wouldn’t be wearing a 1000m dive watch with a suit (I hope), or a classic dress watch for hiking in the back country.  It’s not to say that you couldn’t – it just wouldn’t look or feel quite right.  When it comes to shirts, you can of course get anything from your local store.  If you want something that fits with your look – and fits you perfectly, then you’re going the custom route.  Today, we’re looking at two options for custom dress shirts from Deo Veritas.