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Kicking around with Helm Boots

Just as with watches, when you start diving into the world of shoes and boots, you get to discover all sorts of interesting brands that are out there, just doing their thing at the top of their game.  What I’ve found interesting is that, looking across the boot reviews we’ve been doing, they’ve been quite different styles, and a variety of price points.  Today, we’re moving into something a bit dressier with the Helm Boots Zind.

Getting fancy with the Uriel Geneqt Cufflinks

It was a bit over a year ago that we first told you about the Uriel Geneqt cufflinks, cufflinks that looked very much like small Rolex GMT Master watches to put onto your cuffs.  Well, we bided our time patiently, and were recently able to get a pair of the Uriel Geneqt cufflinks in, in classic red-and-blue “Pepsi” guise.

Get your glow on with Rune Refinery Thin Blue Line

If we start from the perspective of wrist watches basically being functional jewelry (and yeah, if you trace it back, that’s what they are), it’s not much of a leap to other men’s accessories and style items.  Frankly, that’s why we’ve expanded coverage in that direction.  Well, what about actual jewelry?  We’ve covered a few of those so far, but today, we’ve got one that even watch folk will have to admit is just plain cool – the Rune Refinery Thin Blue Line.

If you want to train a dragon, why not start with the Valimor Caliburnus?

What are the greatest things in life?  Well, Conan the Barbarian had a set of answers to that question.  For me, I’ll say it varies here and there, but sometimes that itch can be scratched by something a simple as a new watch coming onto the market that has a lot of interesting elements built into it.  One such of those watches, the Valimor Caliburnus, is now up on Kickstarter.

Spinning some discs with the Maals Jump Over The Moon

No doubt, you have noticed those ads running on the front page for Maals, and you’re wondering, well, what is this brand (and watch)?  Rest assured, we’re only showing you stuff (in terms of advertising) that we think is interesting.  For this particular round, the ad world bled into the editorial (though we do maintain strict firewalls between those teams), as we learned that there was a prototype we could be loaned.  So, why not?  Let’s poke around and see what you’ll get should you pre-order your own Maals Jump Over The Moon.

The ESQ 0154 has some flash for just a little cash

Quick show of hands – how many of us got our start with watches with one that came from a department store?  There’s no shame in it – that’s where my first watch came from, and when you’re starting out, you’re not into the details of what’s inside, you just know what you like the look of.  And hey, if that still holds true today, more power to you (and glad to have you along for the ride).  Given that, it makes sense that we can (and should) take a look at watches that are considered department store watches.  Such as, say, today’s watch from ESQ.

Building a look at the Roebuck Watch Company Alpha

When brands reach out, particularly new ones, I am generally more focused on what the watch looks like, and what it’s built of, more so than the name of the brand.  These tables got turned a bit when a fellow named Guy Roebuck reached out about his new brand, Roebuck Watches.  While the Roebuck name certainly has some watch history (just ask Victor), and of course Sears & Roebuck retailed any number of watches, this particular Roebuck family line hails from England, and lays no claim to the more famous (at least, in America) association.  So, then, what does the Roebuck Alpha have in store for you and I?

Reviewing the SD-09 UFO

It was not that long ago that we brought you word of a “new” Kickstarter campaign from SD-09.  New is in quotes because we first told you about the watch a year prior.  As you can tell that first campaign wasn’t successful, and this second one appears to be doing better, but it still has not yet crossed the fully-funded threshold.  We spent some time with a prototype of the SD-09 UFO, and can give you our thoughts.

The Lorier Neptune is about to land

As you might imagine, we get all sorts of unsolicited email coming in.  Some of it isn’t related to what we cover here, and some of what would be related is, well, just stuff we opt not to cover, for any of a number of reasons.  However, there are gems that pop through now and again, and the arrival of watches like the Lorier Neptune is what keeps me reading those emails.

The April 2018 WWR Giveaway: a Marchand Legacy

So, remember when Eric gave you a review of the Marchand Legacy?  Well, they’re back this month as the sponsors of the giveaway.  Sure, Eric looked at some prototypes, but you’ll have an opportunity to win your own production-ready model.