Yes, yes indeed – Yema week marches on! So far, we’ve told you about a very nice vintage-look diver (the Yema Superman 63) and a brand new aviator (the Yema Flygraf Pilot). Now, we’re bringing you a hands-on review from the Superman lineup (and one I hinted at in Monday’s article) – the Yema Superman GMT Khaki.

Long-time readers of this site can already jump to a conclusion about my opinion on this watch, and you know what? You’re probably right. When you can get the ultra-utility of a dive watch meshed up with the delightful functionality of a GMT complication, that is a watch that has my attention. Wrap in the fact that it’s available in a smaller 39mm case diameter (which is what our loaner was), well, I am on the edge of my seat.

Going into this review, my only prior hands-on experience with Yema was the Spacegraf, so I was coming into this one a little blind, shall we say? I mean, sure, I’ve experienced vintage-look divers before, but most established brands will have their own twists on things.

What struck me upon opening up the packaging for the Yema Superman GMT Khaki were the proportions. While I knew it was a 39mm case going into the review, it somehow felt – and looked – even smaller (in a good sense). Paired to the 19mm bracelet (which tapers to the clasp) it just has a compact, but solid, look. This is further reinforced by the slender line that the case has coming up from the lugs, into which is set other components of the case itself.

For a 300m dive watch, the Yema Superman GMT Khaki is definitely fairly slim, even with the domed sapphire crystal in play. Once I had the bracelet sized down (no half links, but you do have some adjustments in the clasp itself), it was time to wear it out and about. Well, not so much out or about, since we’re still not heading into the office or doing many things outside of the house yet, but still – it was my daily companion for the better part of two weeks.

With the 39mm case size, the Yema Superman GMT Khaki has a slightly smaller dial, and smaller indices and hands. That said, it all feels very well-proportioned (and I mean that in an overall sense, as well as specifically on the dial), though I wouldn’t mind seeing the indices – and maybe the hands – just a tad bit larger (though not quite as large as their Maxi design). That’s a minor quibble, though. Frankly, Yema just got everything right when it comes to the design of the case and the dial in my book, it’s not even funny.

That said, the bezel lock system on the Yema Superman GMT Khaki did give me some funny feelings – in that I couldn’t decide whether or not I liked it. In one sense, it’s unobtrusive once things are set, and you do have the security of it locking the bezel in place. Then again, the spring on the uni-directional bezel felt pretty solid, and you don’t have quite the same concern with a GMT bezel as you would with a diving timer. In the end, I was content it was there, as it’s just part of making the watch identifiably Yema.

While the watches we talked about earlier this week from Yema feature their own in-house movement, here we have the ETA 2893-2 showing up, which of course has it’s home in any number of GMT watches. Aside from the reliability and accuracy that name plate brings, it of course can also set your mind at ease when it comes to matters of maintenance and service.

Oh, I suppose we should talk about the color involved in the name of the Yema Superman GMT Khaki. You see, if someone says khaki, I tend to think of a tan or beige color, much like you’d see on pants of the same color. Here, of course, you’ve got it very much on the green end of what color can carry the name. It’s a different color, one we don’t see on a number of watches, so fans of green can rejoice. It paired up quite well with the matte black dial (which, in bright light, tends toward grey).

So, all you fortune tellers, you were certainly right – I was thoroughly entranced by the Yema Superman GMT Khaki. Again, I cannot stress enough just how well-sorted and well-proportioned this design is. With vintage dive watch looks (and capabilities) along with the GMT complication, the Yema Superman GMT Khaki is very much the sort of watch you could use as your “one watch” – whether that means you literally own just a single watch, or you just want to have one watch with you as you travel around.

Paired to the included stainless steel bracelet, the Yema Superman GMT Khaki will set you back $1,499, which is about a $400 premium over the non-GMT limited edition Superman we spoke about earlier in the week. I think it’s a great look, giving you something that’s a little familiar, but with several liberal dashes of uniqueness stirred into the pot. If you’re like me, you won’t be disappointed. And if a GMT isn’t for you, but you like the Superman look, you’ll find the line in both their diving and aviation categories with some different looks, so you likely can find one that fits your tastes.

Review Summary

  • Brand & Model: Yema Superman GMT Khaki
  • Price: $1,499
  • Who?s it for? You don’t mind a handy GMT complication landing into your vintage-look diver
  • Would I wear it? Absolutely – the proportions on this, particularly for a 300m diver, are superb
  • What I?d change: I wouldn’t mind the indices being just a touch larger
  • The best thing about it: It’s a diver, it’s a GMT, it’s got a light-bending sapphire crystal – what’s not to like?

Tech Specs from Yema

  • Housing
      • Diameter : 39 mm |?41mm
      • Thickness: 13 mm |?13mm
      • Lug: 19 mm |?20mm
    • Case: Brushed 316L stainless steel
    • Bezel
      • Sapphire bezel
      • Unidirectional, 24-hour GMT
    • Crown: Screw-down crown, vintage Y YEMA logo embossed
    • Crystal: Domed sapphire crystal; 2.60 mm thickness
    • WR: 30 BAR / 990 Feet / 300 m
  • Movement
    • Automatic
      • Swiss ETA 2893-2 movement
      • Self winding with ball bearings rotor
      • 21 Rubies
      • 28 800 A/h
      • Minimum accuracy of +/- 12 seconds per day
      • Observed accuracy of +/- 6 seconds per day
      • Adjustments and checks made before and after assembly by our watchmakers
    • POWER RESERVE: 42 hours
    • FUNCTIONS: Hours, minutes, seconds, 24-Hour hand
    • DATE: Date at 3 o’clock
  • Dial
    • Matte black
    • Minute/Seconds track consisting of 60 white marks
      • Applied hour markers featuring metal surrounds
      • Triangular marker at 12 o’clock (luminescent zero mark)
      • Super-LumiNova C1
  • Band
    • FINISHING: Light-weighting fine steel with brushed effect
    • CLASP: Diver’s extension folding clasp with minted YEMA vintage logo
    • MATERIAL: 316L stainless steel