Last month, we brought you word of a new Swatch x Peanuts collection (you can see that here). As I’ve got a few Peanuts fans in our house, this was a collection that we wanted to get in and check out in person. So, here we are with a closer look at the new Swatch x Peanuts collection.

As we noted in our prior article, the Swatch x Peanuts watches come in two different sizes – either 34mm or 41mm. In theory, those are splitting the designs into their target audiences (adult vs child, or man vs woman), but there’s an unintended consequence here. I had fully intended to end up buying one of these for my oldest. Unfortunately, while she really liked the design of the First Base watch (the baseball one with the whole gang), but it’s only in the larger size (we found that the 34mm ones did fit her much better). Perhaps their customization methods are the route to go, if you don’t mind having a see-through dial.

So, if we were to have one complaint about the Swatch x Peanuts, it would be that there’s this sort of artificial breakdown in who can have which design. Perhaps we’re just used to having everything offered in both sizes. Then again, they’ve already got the molds and movements, so why not mix offer it in both? Alas, perhaps down the road.

While the Swatch x Peanuts collection started out with six different models (listed below), there have been some that have popped up here and there (currently, there’s a Snoopy Christmas one available); so presumably, we’ll see other’s of these coming up over time.

When it comes to Peanuts-themed watches, you’ve got quite a few options out there. You’ve got the higher end ones from Omega, you’ve got Timex offering watches that try to be subtle about their Peanuts influences, and then you have the Swatch x Peanuts collection. Frankly, these are just fun, and seem to fully embrace what Peanuts is, and what the comic strip represents. A silly slice of childhood that so many of us have enjoyed throughout our lives. So, why not embrace the whimsy and go with a lightweight plastic watch chock full of the comics and color? Sure, at $85 or $100 it’s maybe more than you’d figure for a watch for your kid, but consider it a reward for the responsible, or someone who’s just a kid at heart.

You can check out the seven different versions (again, note that only two of them are the 34mm cases), as well as the customization options, directly over at

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