We here at WWR have reviewed watches from all over the world, covering releases from a variety of countries.  Today, however, breaks new ground.  The Amir Watch Company is headquartered in Kazakhstan (of note, they are part of the Miami Watch Company, who also owns Stranger Watch Company). Their aim is to bring more exposer to Kazakhstan by releasing a line of watches that are not just unique looking, they also highlight some of Kazakhstan’s nomadic history.

This line of watches is called the Nomadic Empires Collection. For thousands of  years there have been nomadic civilizations that have traveled from land to land in a mobile lifestyle. The nomadic yurt made this possible by providing comfortable shelter wherever the nomads chose to settle. These yurts were sturdy tent-like homes that provided insulation from the elements.

At the center of the roof in the yurt is the Shanyrak, the main piece that holds everything together. This is the only piece of the yurt that is never replaced. The Shanyrak is used a symbol of the families heritage and is passed down through generations. Amir Watches has chosen the Shanyrak is the main focal part of their Nomadic Empires Collection. Amir Watches was kind enough to send me out a prototype of the Amir Nomadic Empire which debuts on Kickstarter today, March 10.

The Dial

This is kind of a three-hander. There is a hour and minute hand (like you might expect), but the seconds hand is a different story. Instead of using the traditional second hand, Amir Watches choose to use a disc that is designed after the afore-mentioned Shanyrak. This aluminum disc has markers at each 5 second mark with one of them larger to track the seconds. It is a very nice look, but I hope that on the production version of the Amir Nomadic Empire the seconds marker are a little larger.

Under that disc you can see there is fully skeletonized Miyota 8n24 movement. The dial itself is a 2 layer sandwich dial that adds another bit of dimensionality to things. The under layer of the dial is filled with Super-Luminova, as are the tips of the hour and second hands.

The Case

Made from titanium, this 42mm case is very solid but extremely light, and features bolt-on lugs. The crown of the Amir Nomadic Empire has an embossed logo and cone shape for easy grip. While this is by no means a small case, on the strap it weighs in at a featherweight 62 grams.  Sandwiching the case you have anti-reflective crystal being used to cover the dial and the movement around back.

The Movement

Amir Watches has chosen to use a Miyota 8n24 skeletonized movement which I think makes for an interesting choice in the Amir Nomadic Empire. You can see the escapement gear and pallet fork looking though the that Shanyrak seconds disc on the front.  From the back, you can see the heart beating. This gives you access to several kinetic elements, which are never boring to watch in action.

The Straps

There are several strap options to choose from. The two that I received with my loaner watch were black and tan leather. Both were extremely soft and comfortable, featuring a simple pin and buckle clasp. For those looking for a more unique material for their watch strap, there is also a Kevlar option.

Overall Impressions

I am normally a tool watch person (divers, mostly) but I like this one. The use of titanium for the case means that it is tough but very light. The unique seconds disc adds interest and something fun to talk about.  During the Kickstarter phase, the prices are very good for what you get. Super earlybird backers can get an Amir Nomadic Empire for only $179 during the first 3 days. The next 4 days the backers can get it for $229.  After that, backers can get it for $279 until the end of the campaign. You can check them out on Kickstarter.


  • Brand and model: Amir Nomadic Empire
  • Price: Starting at $179 for super early bird backers.
  • Who’s it for: Someone wanting something different
  • Would I wear it:  Yes
  • What I’d change: A larger second marker on the disc.
  • The best thing about it: The light weight

Tech Specs from Amir Watches

  • Case: Titanium 42 mm
  • Movement: Miyota 8n24 skeleton
  • Bezel: Titanium with indexes
  • Glass: Domed Sapphire Crystal with Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Caseback: Sapphire Crystal exhibition caseback, customized Oscillating Rotor
  • Crown: embossed logo and cone shape for easy grip

















2 thoughts on “Introducing the Nomadic Empires Collection from – Amir Watches”
  1. I bought this watch hoping it was going to be all that was promised. Surprise – it wasn’t. In fact it’s probably the worst watch I have in my collection. I’ve seen $5 gas station watches that look and feel better. Aside from it looking less attractive than in their marketing – it is super light and feels like it’s about to fall apart, the winding mechanism feels and sounds like the same winders you find on a kids bath toy, the second ‘disc’ doesn’t step regular or consistent intervals and so looks ridiculous, and the leather strap is an inch too short for a normal size human wrist. Terrible waste of $295. But I guess Amir made a lot of money on this scam…

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