Regattare Tiki 02If you are not familiar with Magrette, you need to be.  I was presented one as a most unexpected gift this last holiday season, and it has become my most worn watch of the year (yes, I am tracking what I wear on a daily basis).  The brand is from New Zealand, so that alone gives it a different feel, but they produce really nice looming watches that generally feature cushion cases and very readable designs.  A Panerai for the masses, but they really do stand alone, not just as an homage to the Italian watch maker.  Right now, there is a sale of Magrette Watches on Touch of Modern, a members only sale site that I have used from time to time (join through this link if you are not a member).

Moana Pacific Profesional Vintage 03There are two models for sale (the third is already sold out), the Moana Pacific Professional Vintage (reviewed here) in brown and the Regattare Tiki in blue.  The Moana Pacific Professional Vintage is a serious dive watch that is almost understated for that type of watch.  The dial is in multiple tones of brown and tan, a real earthy look, with a black PVD case.  The watch is rated to 500 meters and comes with a helium escape valve on the case at 9:00 and a double domed sapphire crystal.  Costs are kept in check with this 44mm automatic by utilizing the reliable Miyota 9015 automatic movement.  The bezel features a black ceramic insert, another nice tough, especially at this price.   The watch retails for $575 and it is on sale for $479.99.  The sale runs through Thursday at noon Pacific.

Regattare Tiki 01The other watch still available (though there were fewer than 5 as I wrote this) is the Regattare Tiki.  It shares the same case as the Maona Pacific, but this 44mm watch is in brushed stainless and does not have the diver’s bezel.  Is still comes with 500 meters of water resistance and a helium escape valve, so if you forget to take the watch off as you jump in for a deep dive on Trimix, you won’t blow open the watch.  The watch back has an engraving of a Tiki (sorry, no pics), and it also utilizes the Miyota 9015.  The brand’s site lists the watch as a limited edition of 600.  The Regattare Tiki regularly retails for $465, and is on sale for $379.99, again running through Thursday at noon Pacific.


2 thoughts on “Magrette Watches on Touch of Modern, Save on a Watch From Down Under”
  1. It’s nice to have a boutique watch brand get some notice. Owner Dion of Magrette is a gentlemen and a honest watchmaker/dealer. Simplicity tends to last longer. That brown and tan combo is a looker. Nice review Matt!

  2. quality of this watch is disappointing. I bought the Moana Pacific Professional stainless steel Blue face, and the painted numbers on the ceramic bezel is easily scratched. emailed to them about this and no reply from them.

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