mvado.gifA Movado sport watch? With a wavy fact and big arrow hour hand? Perhaps someone is seeing their market share drop?

I don’t like Movado much – so much depends on that single big dot that you almost lose the watch – but this sports model, apparently a quartz piece, has some chops. It comes on a rubber or steel band and costs about $1,000.

Best of all, NFL MVP Tom Brady is flogging the thing and saying stuff like:

“Movado is all about style and precision and that fits exactly what I try to bring both on and off the field, so I hope it’s a long term association,” the New England Patriot said. “A professional athlete’s life is highly scheduled. I practically need military discipline to keep pace, so time is definitely something I’m interested in.”


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ByJohn Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

97 thoughts on “Movado Series 800 Unveiled”
  1. It’s not the grand the shocks me, it’s that it’s a grand for THIS watch. “Boo hiss,” and all that.

  2. Yeah, Movado has sat on the Museum piece for too long, and sold to eveybody. Paying $1000 for a $25 quartz movement is questionable (Cartier, anyone?).

  3. Love the new styling on it. I’m going to get one for myself and wife. Those who can shop at luxurious stores…will, and those who can’t …won’t.

  4. I must not see what other see in this watch. I went to the series800 website and checked it out in detail, and it doesn’t really strike me as all that. It looks like a typical $200 stainless steel Fossil or Guess watch you see at Robinsons May…..except with a Movado nametag and signature dot. There are much better looking watches with better features for the price. That wave-background dial is hideous! I like watching Jeter and Brady on TV, but I’m certainly not buying this watch simply because they are endorsing it.

  5. Watch steals wave dial from OMEGA Seamaster, trust me I have one. The omega higher depth rating, better fit and finish, total quality for $1100. That’s where my money is. Movado flush.

  6. Those that are saying bad things about this watch obviously have not seen this piece up close in person. This is a beautiful sports watch made with class and style. I just came back from the Caribbean where I saw this watch at Little Switzerland and fell in love with it immediately. I would have paid the grand for it, but got it for $715.00 due to the the duty and tax free shopping down there.

  7. I’ll pass..

    $1,000 for a quartz watch that is only rated to 200M is friggin’ nuts! You could pick any number of watches that not only look better, but have real dive credentials for the same amount or less..

    Seiko’s 1000/600/300M Prospex watches come to mind.

  8. While doing a little Christmas shopping I noticed the Mavado 800, it looked nice but I would have only paid about $75.00 for it. I guess the additional $925.00 went to Derrick Jeter, no thanks.

  9. Ive never been a fan of Movado with that one bog dot and nothing else. but this sporty yet classy look really is a perfect look. Not only do i suggest it but i bought it too.

  10. It’s a beautiful watch. I’m laughing at the references to the “big dot” on top, which actually represents the sun and moon. Also, the comment itself shows lack of education on the watch and someone who isn’t into art… so not sure why they would bother leaving such a revealing comment. Part of what this brand represents is a history over 100+ years old. There is a lot of history to Movado watches which I’ve learned. So when you buy the watch, you are in a sense participating in a part of the history it carries. So regardless if it is $1 or $1000… the value of history is priceless in my opinion. Also, basically they make a very good and distinctive watch.

  11. As soon as I saw the first ad in a magazine for this watch, I thought I had to have it. Once I had it on my wrist I could not pay fast enough. It is one beautiful watch with substance and style and not to mention Tom Brady! This is really my first somewhat expensive watch purchase. I Love it!

  12. My wife and I just returned from a cruise, and we both chose the same watch to purchase in Belize… The new Movado 800 hase great style and the industrial look we like. I was looking for a Tag, but chose the Movado for half the price. Mine has the resin strap and was $500.00, wifes has a stainless band and $750.00. Great everyday classy look.

  13. I got the MOVADO 800 resin strap for Valentines day and it looks great. I own w ROLEX watches and while it does not compare w them, it is a good value at $700.

  14. I have several highend Swiss automatic and quartz watches. I wanted a lower-priced quartz watch that made a bit of a statement and one that was up to my lifestyle. I never really liked Movado, but the series 800 is a refreshing departure from the plain “dotted” Movados. I find many dive and sport watches have a distictive marker at the 12, so I’m not hung up on the big dot,besides, it’s part of it’s character.
    For someone to comment that a watch is “only” water resistant to 200 meters is obsurd! I suppose he wouldn’t own a Mercedes because some are limited to 150 mph.
    I ordered a yellow dial w/ a resin strap. This is not offered in Movado’s “standard” color combinations. My jeweler made it happen without a fuss. I have a great looking Swiss watch w/ a ETA movement that I can go to a business meeting or golfing with.
    I got a “custom color/strap combination”. Best of all I was out the door for $540. My suggestion is find a competent jeweler, try this watch on and cut a check, you won’t regret it at all!!!

  15. I have three Rolex’s and just recieved an 800 series Stainless from my Girlfriend as a gift(for no reason, got to love her). Let me say, this watch is great. I don’t wear my others for the simple reason that I am not a jewlery type person. But my god, this watch is on all the time now. Hands down a great piece and well worth the money spent

  16. I fell en love with this watch at the first site. I’m very happy with my new watch. I can use it for work. It is very confortable.

  17. All the negative comments are from all the haters! The watch is a fine Swiss instrument made from the best products, It’s designed as a balls to the wall sport watch and will last a long time judging from the materials it is made from.
    It’s looks are like no other in the industry, Love it or hate it for the looks? OK but most of these idiot’s with the basing are just frustrated Casio owners!

    I love mine and get comments about it all the time
    It looks nothing like all the other sport watches out there which is why i love it.

    It’s gonna be a classic if you can afford it get it!
    if not stop hating on us guys who can!

  18. I was just rewarded with the Movado 800 for Father’s Day. I saw it in a store a few weeks back and commented to my wife that it was the boldest watch I had ever seen. On looks alone I was sold. My wife, awesome as she is, remembered my comment and suprised me with it at brunch. Mine is the orange face with stainless band.

    Not only is this one of the best looking watches I have ever seen, the quality is outstanding. Flawless movement, solid construction and excellent function. I love this watch. If you are considering getting one, do it. You won’t be disappointed. If you don’t like how it looks or don’t have the scratch, than don’t buy one but leave your baseless hating out of this thread.

  19. Fine watch, great design. Major disappointment is on page 9 of the manual: ‘Series 800 timepieces should not be worn for scuba diving.’! I don’t really understand then why the wristband extension to accommodate for the wetsuit, 200m rating and screw down crown. Will dive anyway. Used to do that with my previous Seiko Kinetic 100m with no screw down crown. No problems whatsoever.

  20. Bought an se blue dial 4 years ago… seels needed to be replaced after one year…waited 13 months for a part… two years later…$350.00 to replace the seels??? I paid $1395.00

    it is not about class it is about quality!!!

  21. I own about 40 watches ranging in price from $100 – $10,000 and I just bought the red face Series 800 Movado and absolutely love it. Sharp looking and for all of you who think of the Movado of yesterday (which are still nice), the 800 is totally different and have received many positive comments from friends and family. Lists for $800 with rubber resin band and paid close to $500 at an authorized dealer.

    Enjoy it for all those who like it!!

  22. I actually bought one of these and it is a heavy really nice watch. I have the chrono version and there is a big flaw. The large “watch” second hand does not move with the watch it moves with the chrono function and the chrono second hand moves with the watch. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  23. It is supposed to do that. I own a $3000 Tag Heuer Chrono and also 2 – $800 Swiss Army Chrono’s and both work with a separate second hand in one of the small dials.

    So – relax – nothing is wrong with it. I have smaller wrists so I bought the non-Chrono red face rubber band.

  24. Folks, I have an Omega Speedmaster Professional. Gonna get a Rolex GMT in the near future, and a Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon as well….but I just picked up the Series 800 chrono with the thermoresin band, white face and it is a statement on the wrist! The styling of the watch is a significant depature for Movado and whoever they had design the piece did it right! The Movado website photos of the watch do not do it justice at all. When you see one in person it will portray a much better sense of legibility, wearability and style. The band is high quality thermoresin, which means that it will not make your wrist sweat under it and we all know that after some time men’s watch bands can become rather smelly – this one won’t, plus it is infused with a slight scent of vanilla. The chrono is designed in standard swiss watch making style, ie the large secon hand is stationary until the start/stop button is pushed then it goes in 1 second increments. This is exactly the way Rolex Dayton Cosmograph, Omega Speedmaster etc.. have their watches set up, and this allows the user the ability to quickly and accurately read the seconds when timing an event. The push buttons themselves are rubber coated and sealed as well so that if you were to activate them under water you will not introduce water into the watch case. Other mechanical watches don’t offer this protection until you get into the $6000 plus range. Gents, this watch is comfortable on the wrist, it has mass but is not heavy to wear. My wife loves it! So if you can put one on law-away then do it… you won’t regret it.

    Stay safe and be honorable.

  25. Just picked one up for $525.00 +tax. Also put the one of the Museum lines (model 605628).

    The Series 800 is a gorgeous watch, once you have it in hand. Can’t like it much more than I already do. Comfortable, just hefty enough. Highly recommend this watch!

  26. I have a dozen swiss watches and am always looking for something unique to add to my collection. I purchased the Series 800 chrono model with metal band and orange face and couldn’t be happier. It’s my only Movado and I receive favorable comments whenever I wear it. I like it because it is unique and makes a statement.

  27. I do not see the Movado brand as an sport one like the Tissot PRS200 or the Diver Seastar 1000 models; I think in the Movado as a dress watch for dinner, so I ordered the elegant Juro model, 30 m. WR, for just US $344,oo at Amazon. Vicente.

  28. Series 800 is very sporty, unlike Movado’s other timepieces. Series 800 – great sports watch that I receive many compliments, even more compliments than my $20,000 Blancapin timepiece.

  29. Series 800 is very sporty, unlike Movado’s other timepieces. Series 800 – great sports watch that I receive many compliments, even more compliments than my $20,000 Blancapin timepiece.

  30. I’ve been a Movado fan for some time now but I could never get my wife to buy into the ideal of spending that much on a watch. I saw the Series 800 watch on the Mavodo website and fell in love with the chrono with the black face and resin band. I had to see the real thing, hold it in my hand, put it on my wrist maybe. I finally found it and it was hooked. This is a very nice watch. Needles to say I had to have it so I’ll unwrap it Christmas morning and thank the wife and kids for a wonderful Christmas gift.

  31. Just picked up a black face, steel band Movado 800. Liked the look of it on a mag ad, and in person it is really a bold and eye-catching, strong design. Good watch for sports, can dress it up with a suit even.

  32. Just got the 800 steel band with a white face. the watch looks and feels great. Just concerned with its ability to handle some significant use, The dive cautiion has me concerned.

  33. I tryed this watch on at the jewelry store and loved it. It’s very stylsh and sporty. Being from Boston, I have mixed feelngs about the celebrity endorsements! I’m a bit suprised by the comments that the watch is only rated to 200 meters, somethng over 600 feet deep. Not many divers going that deep.

  34. As I understand it, pressures equivelent to 200m can be attained at a lesser depth due to underwater motion. I intend to buy the watch based on asthetics as well as craftsmanship. When I dive I use a wrist computer as my primary source of information,and a Citizen Aqualand as back up. Say what you want about the Movado’s quartz movement, but there are more expensive ( snob appeal?) brands using one, and the Eta 251.471 is proven,and trusted.

  35. Movado has parts made in China and is not 100% Swiss Made. Tag Heuer is much better and has more Swiss Made parts, except the bracelets are made in their Italian factory.

  36. First lets address the few bad apples in the bunch.
    “39.Mark Says:December 25th, 2007 at 4:40 pm
    Movado has parts made in China”

    I think Mark has been chewing on a few lead filled toys. I will personally eat any parts out of my watch that Mark can PROVE to me are from china.

    “24.Danny Says: August 22nd, 2007 at 11:54 pm
    Bought an se /seels needed to be replaced after one year…waited 13 months for a part /$350.00 to replace the seels?”

    First Danny needs to learn how to spell SEALS.
    Then remove the sucker sticker from his forehead.
    I own Two S.E. models and every year or so I get the Battery/Seals/Cleaning done by an Authorized Dealer for 75.00 and its done in one hour.

    “23.Palisandr Says: June 29th, 2007 at 2:29 pm
    Fine watch, great design. Major disappointment is: ‘Series 800 timepieces should not be worn for scuba diving.’! I don’t really understand then why the 200m rating and screw down crown.

    “10.Brian Says: November 27th, 2006 at 7:39 pm
    $1,000 for a quartz watch that is only rated to 200M is friggin’ nuts! You could pick any number of watches that have real dive credentials for the same amount.”

    “8.Joe Smo Says: October 17th, 2006 at 9:44 pm
    The omega higher depth rating, better fit and finish, total quality for $1100.

    This comment covers #23, #10 and #8:
    All 3 complain about this watch’s diving abilities.

    Funny thing is that NO WHERE does Movado ever mention or call this watch a Dive watch. It’s a Sport watch.

    And if you can’t tell the difference between a Sport watch and a Dive watch I hope you use the buddy system down there [and I pray for your buddy].

    My knock around 29.95 Timex is rated for 200m also.
    That does not mean I would use it as a dive watch.

    Finally “3.Daniel Says:July 30th, 2006 at 10:46 am
    Paying $1000 for a $25 quartz movement is questionable

    Funny, I happen to own an Omega Flightmaster and a Omega SpeedMaster. I like Omeaga as much as Movado.
    BUT – two of their “SeaMaster” aka DIVE watches use a Quartz movement and cost a lot more then 25 bucks.

    So what do I think of this watch??
    I myself opted for the Metal band Orange face Chrono.

    I hope the metal band doesn’t rust when I go diving to visit the Titanic this spring.

    The watch is everything you would expect from a watch bearing the Movado name and more.

    A word of advise:
    The orange face isn’t listed in the base colors but is on page 4 in both models on the site.
    It is a little hard to find but can be found if you shop around. The blue color is a base color but is somewhat a little harder to find then the orange.
    So as far as rarity goes it seems to be a 50/50 shot between the orange and the blue.
    So remember as far collector pieces go: Get both
    Why have one when you can have two at twice the price.

  37. i personally own a movado with 1 ct. of beautiful diamonds on a beautiful looking watch. i have always loved movados and there classy looks. i get a lot of comments on this watch from many people who are not even knowledgeable about watches. its simply attractive with great style

  38. Question on what parts in Movado are made in China ? On some cheaper models, the case back, dials, or metal bracelets. I have changed batteries on Movado that say Case Made in China !

  39. Movado Group also owns Concord watches which are 100% Swiss Made. IF a watch is assembled in Switzerland or has parts that are 50% Swiss it can also be labeled Swiss Made !

  40. I own a Movado 800 Series all, black resin strap. When I saw it at a jewelry store I fell in love with the watch right away and showed it to my wife. She bought the watch for my 53rd birthday. I have several watches, Tag Aqua Racer and several tritium swiss watches but this Movado is now my favorite. People saying unfounded negative things about this watch are people who either can’t afford to get this watch or just plain don’t know anything about watches.

  41. I just bought the Movado 800 with black resin strap. I love the watch, but there is a metal piece to hold the rubber strap under the buckle that sticks out and digs into the wrist. I would like to ask a question to people with resin straps: How did you set the buckle so the metal piece under the buckle does not “stab” your wrist? Did you cut the strap?

  42. Regarding that piece that holds the rubber down, I had the same issue when I initially bought it last fall and the key with this watch as well as other rubber strap watches – (I also own a Tissot and a Tag Heuer) – is to not wear them overly tight – they are meant to be worn slightly on the looser side but not too loose that it spins around your wrist. The jeweler also said to not cut the excedss rubber and molds to your wrist and provides a smooth buffer to the metal piece.

    I wear it alot and no issues now with it but for the first week, it drove me nuts. It would be the same if you bought a $10,000 Hublot timepiece.

    Good luck and enjoy it – I get lots of compliments!

  43. Thank you for the advise. I wish I had posted the question BEFORE I cut the strap. I cut it flush to where the metal “tong” end. Needless to say it made for a more abrupt transition.

    I am now considering buying a new strap. I call Movado today, the sell the the strap + clasp for $101. Unfortunately, they do not sell the strap without the clasp. I will try it for few days and then decide if a new strap is needed.

  44. I bought a Tissot T Trac with a rubber strap recently and it is impossible to let part of it “hang” so the jeweler had to cut it. He said I will get used to it or he would take it back and he was right – afer a few days, does not bother me at all. Try it before buying a new strap. Other much more expensive pieces are similar so see if time tells!!

  45. I own two rolexes and several Breitlings. I don’t especially like the design of Movado watches (the dot) BUT when I saw the Series 800 chronograph in Yellow I instantly fell in love. The yellow is not only very distinctive, but is a darker yellow than what is out there on most watches. The feel and weight are perfect also. And the bezel has a very expensive feel also. I now lean toward wearing this watch most days, while my Rolexes spin on the watch winder.

  46. I recently purchased the series 800 quartz chrono without the pointed facehands. It is on page 4 on the website (second row 1st watch). I love it and payed 1050 for it. It is my favorite watch and wonder if anyone else chose this model. My last watch was a Noblia which was Citizens top of the line.

  47. I received the Chrono Series 800 white dial for Xmas and have been very happy with it. I am very picky when it comes to watches and this watch is everything I could have imagined in a sports watch. I will not be diving with this watch, so its all good.

  48. Bought the 800 and it looks great. Although, the rubber backing has fallen off four times in a year and a half – real bummer – so I’ve only worn the watch about 66% of the time because it has been sent in for work. I hear Movado is coming out with a new metal backing – gonna try that one. We’ll see… Again, tight looking watch.

  49. Sorry, but NO watch is worth a grand, even especially this plain jane of a watch. Something you might look at five times a day and will be scratched up within a year…

  50. I bought the rubber-banded 800 series in the Bahamas store for about $750. I love this watch. There are plenty of steel-banded watches out there that look great, and I have enough of them. I wanted a classy, black-banded watch with a large face, that wasn’t some cheap-o Fossil or Kenneth Cole or something similar. This watch is awesome, and I take pride in wearing it every day. Seven-fifty was a small price to pay for this great and unique timepiece!

  51. But then again maybe a knock off would not be such a bad idea because a whole grand for one watch, unless I am rich and living well, which I am not, I doubt I can afford that!

  52. But yes, fossil is a cheap watch but they have pretty good quality if I do say so my self. I mean of course it is not worthy of a celebrity wrist but who cares, I’m talking about the general public.

  53. Hmm, but then again Pat has a point there. Kenneth Cole is not a long lasting brand and neither is fossil but I still think even $750 is way out of my league.

  54. Stephanie

    Get a life!!

    MOVADO has been around for awhile and is a fine swiss watch. I have low end up through high end Piaget watches and the series 800 is a terrific looking timepiece that makes a statement.

  55. received 800 for 75th birthday very disapointed black numbers wearing off after one year case badly scratched movado refuses to repair without billing also have 6 other movados with out any problems

  56. Received beautiful watch as a gift, less than 1 yr old. Watch runs great – band is awful. Looks like it has been through a war – and it hasn’t! Movado refuses to do anything except let me purchase a new band – not even discounted! Words can not express my disappointment! And when anyone asks about my watch, which they do because the face is pretty, I will tell them to purchase anything but a Movado! TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  57. I have a collection of highend watches, and the 800 is the only one I wear to work (firefighter/paramedic), dinner, and dates. The others are for special occasions. The 800 is a bullet-proof tiger. This thing has been beat on and still looks and runs great. Shop around, you can easily find one for around $500 or less.

  58. I was looking for a rugged watch that I don’t have to worry about sweating in, pool time or salt water. To me this watch is all about it looks and it’s performance. In a market filled with too many bulky/heavy watches this one has a great bold, clean look with just the right proportions. It’s an attractive watch that does everything well (easy to read , 200 meters WR, comfortable wearer, easily adjustable strap, attractive ).
    I guess something I have to mention is that I read from some of the postings that is watch retails around $1,000.00 but I was able to get one on sale for $600.00. Worth $600 but there a lot more competition at around $1,000.

  59. My Movado 800 chrono with the steel bracelet has me very disappointed. The bracelet has come apart on 2 separate occasions and fallen to the floor. The band comes apart 2 links from the timepiece (not broken, just came apart with no warning) The first time was a month after I bought it and Movado had the watch for 7 weeks for repair (apparently they replaced the band and the case)! In the first 3 months of ownership, Movado had the watch longer than I did! Now 4 months later, it happened again! If these watches are so good, why is the repair time over 6 weeks? Shouldn’t they be like the Maytag repair guys, just waiting for something to do until the next rare breakage occurs? Apparently not! I took great care of my Movado 800 series and the band comes apart. Unlike my 10 year old $200 Citizen Ecodrive watch which has been abused, and the band has NEVER come apart! Its never even been in for service! Movado should call Citizen for some pointers. I’m not used to walking around with a $1000 wrist watch worrying if its going to fall off me. If they don’t get it right I will NEVER buy Movado Again!

  60. I was able to buy the basic 800 series (black face, thermoplastic band) for $299 ($329 – $30 watch coupon) at BJ’s last week. I know that’s not a great place to buy a watch but I couldn’t pass up the price.

  61. Amazing how many people are consumed by brand and image over function. Outside of glow-in-the-dark hands (which fades quickly), can you even read the time in the dark? I prefer function.

  62. I just recieved this watch its a nice weight and look. I saw it at Fortunoff when buying my wife a watch but was 1600.00 short. And I had to deal with Italian Drama from my wife, thank god now ex. I put a bid on ebay for 350 dollars and walla. I like it very much.

  63. Got a Series 800 2600009 (yellow face) for $327 at the Movado store in Tanger Outlet in Riverhead NY.

  64. @Lance


    Lance :Got a Series 800 2600009 (yellow face) for $327 at the Movado store in Tanger Outlet in Riverhead NY.

    i got the black his and hers from a Movado Outlet in LV for $700 (taxes in). So far it’s been great. A little heavy and thick for a Swiss made, even the tag is thiner, which i think the 800 tries to compete with.

  65. @Anonymous
    I got his and hers white at the same outlet in Vegas for the same $700 including tax. I have many Tags and an old Omega, so far the 800 is quite nice and equal to those. Outstanding price on a very nice watch.

  66. Has anyone ever gone scuba diving with their series 800? I’m just curious since it’s rated for 200 meters. I just received one as a give but I’d hate to go recreational diving with mine and have it stop working…

  67. had the watch for about a month (800 chrono with kevlar band). it’s a nice watch but stainless steel case scratches very easily which is disappointing. i have an older gold movado chrono that seems to hold up much better to everyday use. no regrets in my purchase, though i think in a few years the watch is going to look pretty beat up.

  68. I bought the black Series 800 with the rubber band about two months ago. It has a beautiful face that stylish yet sporty. I was very happy with it until a few weeks ago when the back cover started coming off. This is very disappointing since I paid about $700 for it. Does anyone know about how much it will cost to replace the back piece and how long it takes? Thanks.

  69. I have a couple of Series 800 Movados, and so far, no problems. The 800s are a nice design that grew on me over time. Both are the resin/rubber strap versions which are comfortable and easily self-sizable. I have the black dial 2600004, mid-size, and the larger, red dial, 2600012.

    However, at retail prices they are quite expensive, and not worth the prices they want, at least not to me with my budget. I won’t spend more the $500 for any watch (gifts to my “high maintenance–watch collecting” wife excepted), and with my have a sizable collection of watches, I’ve never spent over $350 on any one of them. I shop around and look for any bargains the best I can. Fortunately, there is a Movado Company Store about twelve miles away from us. A couple times a year they have good sales on their wares. I got both of my 800s for under $300 each, and so far, I’m happy with my purchases.

  70. I own a few “good” watches, a Tag, a Omega, some others. I wanted a quality watch with good looks specifically to be worn on a primary basis and around the water a lot. I absolutely love the looks of the 800. I have small bones and can’t really pull off wearing a watch bigger than 40mm, so I really like the “mid-size”. Overall I am very happy with the watch, but I do have some complaints: I have had the Thermo band fail twice in approximately 3 years- each time at the point where the pin goes through the band. I did not lose the watch, but only by luck. This last time (last week) the band has gone up to over $200 and is on back-order. The fact that it is on back-order indicates to me that Movado is or should be aware there is a design flaw in the band. Rather than addressing the flaw, they have doubled the price of the band…..that can’t be purchased elsewhere and further can’t be replaced by the metalic band (that the want more than $400 anyway)…. Unfortunately, it’s going to be my last Movado because I believe this is just bad business practice. It will be something else next time.

  71. @Mark

    Thanks for information about the Thermo band in particular. I’ve had similar experiences with some of my cheap Casio resin bands failing like that. Bands made of this material (whether you call them rubber, plastic, resin, or “Thermal”), will eventually dry out, crack and fail at some point. It is just the nature of the material. The chemical agent (plasticizer) that keeps them soft and supple when relatively new, will eventually dry out. They are very comfortable when new, but as time goes on they become more brittle. The best advice I can offer re: bands like that, is that you keep them as clean as possible which means washing any persperation, etc. off as often as possible. Also, wear them a little on loose side to avoid as much stress on them as possible, especially at the lugs of watch.

    I was shocked at the prices you quote for the replacement bands. If I knew that, I probably wouldn’t have brought my 800s, even at sale price that I paid. That would be a “deal breaker” for me, even with wearing them maybe once a month with my current watch wearing rotation and them not getting much use.

    Also, I know exactly what you mean about the stainless bracelet. I thought about that possibilty also, but the band to watch case interface at the lugs is not compatible.

  72. Bought the black, all-steel, chrono 800 from the Movado Company Store in Dallas (model 2600018). They’re having a 70% off sale until month end. With a $50 “birthday coupon” the store provided, got mine for $460 (tax in). I am happy with the price but am a little worried about some of the comments here re: durability. I’ve owned an all-steel Esquire for 15 years without any issues so hopefully the same will be true of it’s “cousin”, the Movado.

  73. I bought the Movado Series 800 blue dial sport chrono with black thermoresin band at one of the Puerto Vallarta jewelry stores during a cruise in April 08. I chose it over a Tag Heuer because I liked the blue dial and overall looks. I had to go to their store in Cabo San Lucas 2 days later to have them exchange it (luckily they had one) because the setting dial was completely frozen — too tight to move. The replacement watch worked just fine, and I was pretty happy with it.

    Then the band broke, right up at the circular attach point for the band lug and the watch. This was after just 1.5 years! No warranty coverage, of course, and the replacement cost is outrageous — what band is worth over 10% of the watch cost? Considering I paid $800 for the watch, the band price is over 1/8th the cost? Plus, from what I read here, this is a chronic problem with these bands. It’s inexcusable for Movado not to fix this, and to ensure they have replacement bands on hand at a reasonable cost.

    I won’t buy a Movado again, based on this experience. I’m still trying to find a replacement band. They closed all the Movado stores in June, so you really have to search to find one. Terrible customer service and business practice on Movado’s part.

  74. @Mike

    My Movado Chrono Series 800 Band broke while putting it in the case to store it! It is terribly brittle. They should send the rubber portion out free of charge and let me swap it out. but from what I have read they won’t.

    Now, the good news is the break in your band (sounds like yours broke where mine did)… I used some super glue on the tip of a toothpick and made the repair since the break is not visible and is clean.

    The guy in the commercial can hang from a steel girder, maybe it can keep my watch on.

    It is holding strong. And the repair is actually not visible from top or bottom.

    I’d rather lose the watch (if the repair breaks) and enjoy an $80 replica than spend that much money on a rubber watch band,,, that replacement price shows no respect for their valued clients. I will never buy an authentic Movado again either. I know for a fact I can’t count on my watch staying on my wrist with their crappy new band anyway.

    Good luck.

    Let me know if you have similar success.

  75. @Bruce
    My Men’s 606042 Esperanza Stainless Steel Watch keeps falling apart too.

    They need to address the durability of their products or reduce prices by 80%

  76. I just purchased the two tone 800 series Watch and it’s a beautiful watch! Big Dial, Bulky and very attractive. Just like my Concord Mariner which is another beautiful watch, made by the same group of Movado Company.
    I love watches and I like to give my wife the same taste and every watch that she has were given to her by me, including a Datejust Rolex built in 1968 and still running strong!
    I highly recommend this 800 series two tone.

  77. Just bought the series 800 with the steel band and chronograph. Listed at $1000 on but picked it up for $700 no tax in Honduras while on a cruise. LOVE IT. My other watch is an ESQ which I also love. I wasn’t sold on Movado before as they were very formal, but the definite sport edge on this sold me.

  78. Friend owns a jewelry store and had an 800 series tom brady edition. Got it for less than a thousand.
    I like the presentation of the watch. Have a few very high end watches. This one compares but I am
    having trouble adjusting to the feeling of the band around the clasp. I have the Kevlar band. Has anyone
    had this same issue. Right around where u adjust the band.

    1. Just purchased the same watch, did not recieve quite as good of a deal at $1400.00. The clasp area is not comfortable as the metal is pressing into my wrist. May have to wrap in some felt, its a shame that Movado did not address this before selling.

  79. Been looking for an orange faced watch for years. When I saw the Movado Chronograph I knew it was time to pull the trigger. Love it. Out of 26 watches it is in my top 3. Want another one. And yes, to answer a post above. And written some time ago. Some watches are worth a Thousand dollars. This might just be one. I paid 350 for a used one.

  80. Do not buy one of these watches! I bought a Series 800 Chrono about 3 years ago and it recently stopped which I attributed to the battery going dead. I took it to my local jeweler and they told me they had to send it to Movado to get a battery replaced. They just called me and told me it would be $340 to get the watch returned in working order. They said there was rust in the watch but it has never been in the water. The gasket and a hand needed replaced and for the final kicker, they said the battery replacement would be free. I told them to just send the watch back to me and not to fix it. I only paid $850 for the watch and do not intend to spend $340 to get it running. I took good care of the watch and this is unacceptable. I will probably just let the watch sit and rot. I will never buy another Movado watch. I have a Breitling Super Ocean that I recently got completely overhauled and it cost me $350. But it is a $3000 automatic watch and worth fixing.

    1. I had the SAME experience with my 800. this watch store chain is BULLSHIT
      MOVADO is a two bit racket company. I HAD EXACTLY the same
      problem spent 350 to fix it. They had the same explanation they told you and the kicker is I recieved it back with the date wrong and I can’t seem to adjust the date now. I have been trying for hours to find a manual online but have been unsuccessful.They don’t have ALL of their watches on their website MOVADO Sucks

  81. Beatrice
    I bought a ladies 800 series with band. Absolutely loved the look and feel however within a few months the black numbers began to disappear, within a year the rubber band became loose and the battery began to fail. Almost a year to the date the black disc at the back just disappeared off the watch. I wear it loose and noticed it when I took the watch off when going to bed. I had really looked after my watch and had never worn it in any water always taking it off to shower and certainly never waering it in the sea. I sent it for repair under the 2 year warranty in June 2012 and still do not have it back. The repair centre blames Movado, Switzerland for the delay but told at first it needed a new case, then they could not locate a case and I would get a new watch, then they located a watch and siad it would have to be shipped from America to Switzerland then to the Repair Centre. Don’t know what is happening but having read everyone’s comments there are recurring problems which don’t just suggest but prove the materials are faulty and should be replaced at no cost. I am very sad as I loved the watch but would definitely say – STAY CLEAR OF MOVADO and I will never buy another.

  82. I purchased an 800 model about 5 years ago when they first came out. I sent the watch in for repair two weeks ago because the pusher started messing up! 154.00 for mandatory repairs! Someone mentioend their case back falling off? Movado knows about the problem and they are replacing my case back that fell off for free. While I love Movado as I have 5 of them; however, the 800 series watch has been the most challenging. The museum classic that I have has never had to be repaired. One battery replaced in 8 years! To boot, the battery on this same watch died after 2 years! Did I mentio that the strap clasp has to be replaced. What the heck is mandatory repairs? I only paid 500.00 for the watch at Sams Club; but good grief it is costly to maintain. I would tell anyone that it is a nice watch to look at, just expensive to mainatin. By the way, batteries from Movado are about 80.00. That inlcudes two way shipping.

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