DWISS has created a number of different watches, and they’re making changes – as of late – within their existing lines. The latest one to get this treatment is their Racing line, which brings us to the DWISS Floating Hours, aka the DWISS R2.

As you can surmise from the name of the watch – and the photos – we’ve got a “floating” hour hand making the rounds here. Rather than opt for an optically clear disc for this function (to give the appearance of truly floating) we’ve got a slightly milky appearance to the disc. I’m not disappointed in that, as it partially obscures the movement under the disc, which should help with legibility of the watch overall.

The hour indicator on the DWISS Floating Hours is large (and lumed), standing out cleanly on the dial. The hour hand, done as it is in red or orange, shows up quite nicely as well. Well, until the lights go down. Here, you do have some luminous paint, but it’s in such a small portion, it’s quite noticeable against the hour hand. Shouldn’t impact time-telling in the dark, really, just looks off proportionally to me.

At 40mm by just over 10mm thick, the DWISS Floating Hours should have some nice presence without overwhelming your wrist. In terms of the functionality, it’s your basic three-hander, though it does look a bit different with the floating hour hand and the fasteners on the bezel.

You can opt for the DWISS Floating Hours in a steel or a black finish. On the Kickstarter campaign – which closes out on July 21 at 2pm Central (GMT-5) – you can get the DWISS Floating Hours in either a black dial (with black finish on the case) or a blue dial in the steel finish. On the racing leather strap, earlybird pricing has you at $579, while an additional leather strap is available for about $30, or a 3-link steel bracelet for an additional $95. The campaign is fully funded at this point, and as mentioned, closes in a day. So, if you want in, now’s the time to do it. campaign page

Tech Specs from DWISS

  • Movement: Peseux P224 – Swiss made automatic, 28 jewels, 4 Hz, 42h power reserve
  • Case: Stainless steel, 40mm, 10.4mm thick (including sapphire crystal and caseback)
  • Strap: leather or steel bracelet (upgrade)

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Last Update: July 19, 2021

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