Many brands – especially these days – like to rest on the designs that have been done in years past. Sometimes, that’s done with a splashy re-release of a significant model. On the other hand, we’ve got Skagen coming at it with a much more relaxed approach. They know which designs have been popular, and they’re bringing them back under the banner of Skagen Icons.

The first portion of the Skagen Icons collection is, of course, their watches. For these, we’ve got their Freja and and Gitte (for her), as well as the Melbye and Ancher  (for him). For these watches, while the designs are familiar, they’ve mixed in some silver and gold tones for the collections, giving you something to dress up your outfit when you’re heading out.

The second part of the Skagen Icons collection is made up of jewelry – new items in their Agnethe collection. These all have rose gold tones and mother-of-pearl accents, across earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace. And hey, they’ve got some MOP dial watches as well, so you could build a tidy pairing if you wanted.

For the new Skagen Icons, the watches range in price from $135 to $155, while the jewelry is between $65 and $70. So, not only are you getting that sensible Danish design, you’re picking it up at some rather affordable prices. You can check these out at the links in the product names (up above), or directly over at

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Last Update: November 5, 2021

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