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REVIEW: MTM Silencer (Part 2)



Yesterday, we began taking a look at MTM’s latest model, the Silencer.  So far, we’ve run through three of the four pushers, and that’s where we will pick things up today.

And now we come to the final pusher, at 10 o’clock.  This cycles the watch through the other major functions, which are the alarms (you can set four independent ones, plus a fifth daily recurring alarm), countdown timer (three can be set), plus a stopwatch (only one of those, but it records up to 59 minutes, 59.99 seconds).  Thankfully for all of these modes, there’s a very clear indication (both with the LED display, plus an additional 5 segment section under the display) of what you’re currently in.

But back to the timers/alarms.  As you would expect with a quartz, you can have it notify you with audible beeps.  What you might not expect, however, is that you can enable a vibration alert, rather than beeping.  In practice, this is much like the vibration alert in your cell phone, though a touch quieter. I like this because it means you can set reminders for yourself without interrupting those around you – or wake yourself up without disturbing your wife.

So, between all the modes, the vibrating alert, and the included flashlight-replacing LEDs, it’s no surprise that the battery can be run down pretty quickly.  And that’s where one of my favorite MTM features comes in – inductive charging.  That’s right – just pop the watch on a base, and the battery starts charging up.  The second hand will start stuttering to indicate it needs a charge; while it’s charging, there’s a set of LEDs that blink on the watch face.

Tomorrow, we’ll wrap up the review on this interesting watch.

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