A few weeks ago, we first brought to your attention the newest watch from TokyoFlash, the Online.  Back then, we told you that we hoped to have a hands-on review, and today is the day that we give you that impression.

As you would expect, the display is the first thing that strikes you about this watch.  At first, it seems like it might be complex to read – but I actually found this to be one of the simpler ones that they have in the catalog to pick out.  Just make sure you wait until the display has settled down.

And by that, I mean the animation that occurs when you tip the watch up to read.  When you have the watch “down” (say, at your side), the display is actually scrambled so as to be unreadable.  When you bring the watch up to check the time, and accelerometer notes the movement, and sets the display to be read.

From a design perspective, this watch is a unified package.  The lines from the segmented LCD display continue onto the case, which then carry over on the folded-link bracelet.   In short, it works as a complete package.  The case itself is on the thicker side (perhaps due to the accelerometer), but not unduly so.

In daily wear, the watch was a fun one to wear.  It garnered plenty of attention, and stumped quite a few folks who were trying to read the time.  There is a little bit of a learning curve determining which pusher cycles through the modes (time, date, alarm) and which is the backlight, but you”ll pick that up soon enough.

The bracelet itself is pretty adjustable, and should fit most wrists.  Just bring some patience when you”re popping the pins in and out of the links.  For some reason, this was one of the more difficult ones to adjust that we”ve had from TF as of late.  That said, once it”s set, its set, and the deployant clasp will work without a hitch.

If you want to get one of your own (six color combos to choose from), you can head on over  and bring along $169.  Or, if you”re looking for a black and blue combo like we reviewed here (and are located in North America), keep an eye our for an upcoming giveaway!

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Last Update: October 8, 2013