It is time once again for us to take a look at what our pals over at Everyday Carry are putting together. While we have tended to focus in more on pocket dumps than anything else, we have delved into some of their more gear-specific articles. That’s what we have today, actually, in the form of a two-fer.

First up, we have a whole slew of recommendations for orange items. As the point out, the particular shade of orange we often see on everyday carry items is one that tends towards “hi-vis”, or high visibility. Orange just has that ability to be easily seen, so long as it is not pitch black. I think it’s a comprehensive roundup, which makes it good for two other purposes. It might plant the seed in your mind to build out your own favorite color for one. More importantly, it can give you an idea for what sorts of things you might want to carry with you, and this is a well-rounded list.


On the other hand, you may already know what you want, and perhaps want some sort of a multi-tool to add to the kit. In that case, this article takes you through five different pocketable options, all in a sub-$30 price bracket. And if they happen to mesh in with your chosen color? Well, then, all the better. Just good to know that you have more options than the venerable (and well-known) Leatherman lineup. Not that there is anything bad with those, it is just good to have options.  everydaycarry.com

By Patrick Kansa

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