Looks like the folks in Tirana, Albania REALLY like our president. So much, in fact, that they ganked his Ironman.
NOSJOURNAAL – Wat gebeurde er met Bush horloge?


  1. Wrong! NBC News had a video from a different angle that shows him putting it in his pocket right before this photo.

    Hmmm. Maybe it happened to him at a Republican convention and he’s being cautious!


  2. Sadly they’re not holding Republican conventions in Tirana anymore.

    Although they should, since as you see he got the rock treatment. That’s what happens when you’ve been held prisoner under Communism for so long, and this guy’s country represents freedoms (including buying nice Ironman watches).

    Something similar happened to ex-President Collor of Brazil. He was campaigning for a gubenatorial bid in Alagoas, and his Vacheron Constantin watch went missing from his hand.

    That and Barbara Bush Jr’s brush with purse nabbers reminds me just how dangerous South America is to be even surrounded by guards, and still get mugged.

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