As you saw earlier this week, we are venturing into the world of Men’s Style.  That made this article from our pals over at Everyday Carry just about a slam dunk.  Now that springtime has arrived in the northern hemisphere, they have recommendations for some gear you might consider picking up.


Of course, we have not turned our backs on watches – to the contrary, they are very central to our idea of style.  Now, you might not think of a Casio G-Shock as an icon of style, but it is an icon, and for the right setting (ie, not with a suit) it serves it’s purpose.  The Casio G-Shock GDF100-1A gives you a ton of functionality (altimeter/barometer/compass, world time, backlight, etc) and offers some amazing water resistance (200m), which is necessary for a rainy spring.


Then again, you could tuck your watch under the sleeve of a waterproof shell, and protect it that way.  While the Filson Short Cruiser will offer some water resistance in classic style, something like the Patagonia Torrentshell Packable Jacket takes things in a modern direction, with the added bonus of being able to be tucked away in a backpack for use when needed.  A very flexible option to a packable umbrella, in my opinion.


Need a backpack? Then you really can’t go wrong with Timbuk2.  I’ve got two different bags from them (a messenger and a backpack) and both have been great.  Their standard stuff is pretty water resistant, but if you get into something like their Spire bag ups the ante with a TPU exterior to keep things dry (and your backpack shiny, if you like that sort of look).


If you’re out in the dark (or rummaging around in that aforementioned backpack), you will need a good flashlight.  While I have not handled an Olight S10C Baton, I have read a lot of really good things about the light.  Sure, $40 might feel spendy for a flashlight, but it’s really rather affordable for what you get, especially for the water resistance it brings to the party.  If you’re more interested in what I personally use, then you’ll want to have a gander at the FourSevens Quark Mini.  It cannot claim the water resistance of the Olight, but it does make for a super-compact light.

There are plenty of other items in the Everyday Commentary writeup (right here), with such niceties as a wallet, writing pad, and pen, all set for the wet springtime weather.  That’s their take on what works for spring – sound off in the comments about what your favorite gear is for the spring, the stuff you never leave home without. Inquiring minds want to know!

By Patrick Kansa

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