You know what? I’m not even mad. This watch by Nivada Grenchen is a collaboration with Time+Tide x Seconde Seconde and features an upside down dial, a little smiley face instead of a running seconds hand, and a standard Chronograph movement. You don’t read the thing upside down. Instead, you just strap it on and confuse everyone within range.

The watch is based on the Chronomaster Aviator Sea Diver and has a 38.5mm diameter, stainless steel case. The bezel displays a minutes and hours track while there is a tachymetre on the internal ring. The Swiss L logo is upside down and over the watch name, which is just wacky!

The watch is about $1,900 and currently sold out, but I think it deserves mention for looking like something that a drunk watch designer would churn out after a week-long bender. Personally, I’d wear the damn thing just to poke fun at the standard vintage aviator crowd. /

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