It has been some time since I have had the pleasure of writing about Polish brand G. Gerlach. Today, we have news of their latest model which is up for pre-order now with delivery expected in 2015 – the G. Gerlach Enigma.

What makes this one a bit unique is the movement used. Previous models from the brand have featured mechanical movements; the Mystery will instead feature a mecha-quartz, the Seiko VK64 (similar to what we saw in this Techne model, which used a VK63).

Why a mecha-quartz? Well, this gives you the quick reset ability that you commonly see on a mechanical chronograph, paired with the lower price (and of course higher accuracy over time) of a quartz movement. This has been placed into a 43mmx49,, case that looks like a cross between a cushion-style and vintage (say, 60s-era) diver.


The dial itself is fairly sparse and well-balanced. With the black dial (three others are yet to be announced), the wide hands and indices (with blue Luminova) stand out, as do the orange hands that show up for the subdials and the chrono seconds. This looks to be a decently sized chrono, and one that is very affordable.

The G. Gerlach Enigma is currently up for pre-order with only a $50 (plus shipping) deposit required. The remaining balance (which will be no more than an additional $200) will then be paid when delivered. All in all, $250 for a mecha-quartz chrono styled as this one is seems like a rather nice bargain. sklep.gerlach.org.pl




  1. Patrick……G. Gerlach has been one of my favorites brands right from their early days…….All their models are winners IMHO.

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