If you recall from my prior write-ups, I’ve really, really been a big fan of the Damascus steel dials and cases that GoS have been producing.  The last one I wrote about, the Sarek (over at ABTW), is no exception to the rule, and I rather like the unintentional Star Trek reference.  That aside, their watches have been aimed primarily at men.  With their latest release of the Sarek, they have made one just for the women.


This was not done, thankfully, how most brands would do it.  There are no gems or sparkles encrusted on to the case, and there are no flower or heart motifs.  Instead, the primary influence that would indicate this as a ladies watch would be the colors they managed to etch out of the Damascus dial, which is a sort of purple-pink.


This is all set into a new case that measures in at only 31.5mm – so definitely for a smaller wrist.  With the smaller case, you then also get into a different lug configuration, but it’s fitting to the watch.  Contrasting it to the men’s model, things look very much the same, though the women’s version has a nice feature – the hour indices in the bezel are actually open, letting additional light on down to the dial.


Though the ladies version of the Sarek is a bit more diminutive, the price is the same as the men’s – $7,800.  Not an inexpensive watch, but one that is a show stopper – all the more if you pick up a his-n-hers pair!  goswatches.com


Tech Specs from GoS

  • Case: 31.5 x 9 mm, stainless steel
  • Dial: 164-layer Damascus steel forged by Johan Gustafsson and tempered to color; each dial is unique in pattern and color
  • Movement: automatic Soprod A10 caliber with GoS triskele rotor
  • Functions: hours, minutes
  • Price: $7,800 plus applicable tax

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