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The HourTime Show Asks, What Should Watches Be?

Image: Patrick Kansa / WristWatchReview.com

Hello and welcome to yet another exciting edition of The HourTime Show, the official podcast of WristWatchReview.com. Your hosts this week are the returning John (!) as well as Victor and Nicholas.

John is back with a vengeance and immediately calls out the shenanigans needed to buy a Rolex nowadays. We can all agree that Rolex makes nice watches, sure, but are they any nicer than AP or Patek that warrant jumping through so many hoops? Or, for us mere mortals, something like an Oris? We debate!

Next up, we discuss Patrick’s recent review of the Islander ISL-38, a Datejust-esque (or is that SARB-esque, as Victor suggests?) piece that is available from LongIslandWatch.com. (If you’re not familiar with Marc from Long Island Watch’s YouTube channel, well, you should be. Good stuff!) Nicholas owns an Islander or two and thinks they offer good value for someone who’s just getting into watches or has a more modest budget. 

We then move onto the Timex x Todd Snyder MK1 Bootcamp, a field watch we also recently reviewed on the site. Folks, we’ve got some mixed feelings on this one, which John describes as a pastiche along the lines of an anime version of a World War II watch. The strap looks cool, but otherwise? Ehhhhh. Hey, at least it’s cheap ($138).

We close the episode with John explaining his philosophy on watch journalism and why he prefers highlighting smaller, lesser-known brands that are still affordable rather than focusing on high-end such-and-such you see highlighted on a lot of other websites. Once upon a time, Hunter S. Thompson wore a Rolex not because “it’s a Rolex” but because it could do a job while taking a beating. 

Thanks once again to Andrew Haworth for producing this week’s episode.

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Thank you for listening, and have a great week! 


  1. This episode was terrible. I particularly disliked John’s rant, especially since he doesn’t know the facts and presents his (uneducated) opinion as facts.

    The fact that Rolex sports watches are hard to buy has nothing to do with Rolex nor with limiting supply. Reputable journalists and bloggers with connections within Rolex already mentioned that this is purely due to ADs (which are not owned by Rolex) selling the watches to grey market dealers at mark-up prices as soon as they get them. The ADs own the watches, so they choose to profit from the extremely high demand. On the other hand Rolex cannot increase the production that fast due to force work limitations (there’s so many watch technicians available for hire) and due to what is probably a bubble. Rolex doesn’t want to risk damaging the brand if the bubble would burst and they are left with unsold watches.

    Other than that, I think John has an outdated view of the watch industry. He still wants the big brands to produce affordable watches and some still do (Seiko, Hamilton, microbrands etc.). But gone are the days of affordable Omegas, Breitlings etc., when the consumers have decided they don’t need to wear watches to tell time anymore. People wear mechanical watches as jewelries so the prices reflect the new reality.

    Keep it up – I am still looking forward for your podcast and hear different point of views from the “common man”

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