When it comes to engines hitting redlines and tires spinning to gain traction, Italy is a country that quickly comes to mind. Want a fast car? Why not a Ferrari or Lamborghini? Want something on two wheels? Well, then, Ducati has you covered. If you want to carry some of that Italian motorsport design with you daily, then you can look to something like the CT Scuderia Scrambler.

Now, this is certainly not the first time we’ve looked at watches from CT Scuderia (check those out here). With the CT Scuderia Scrambler, however, we’re branching into some new design language with the squared-off case, which is why we requested this one to be sent in for review (editor’s note:  we did check this out back in 2014, so let’s consider this an updated review). Yes, it still has a recognizable CT Scuderia look (the dial design combined with the bullhead layout of the pushers and crown), just in a slightly different format than we’ve seen before.

With the dial, the CT Scuderia Scrambler very much has the feel of a speedometer (albeit one that tops out at 60 – not very Italian, that). One would think that the high-gloss enamel used on most of the dial would be a headache to read, but it really wasn’t. The white (lumed) numerals stand out in stark contrast, and the crystal (with it’s own glare, of course) sort of offsets whatever reflections the dial may have had. Set into that dial you have some differing textures as well, with a sunburst finish on the subdials, and a carbon fiber effect (not sure if it’s a finish or the actual material) on the keystone surrounding the 60. All in all, it’s a lovely dial.

For the handset, the CT Scuderia Scrambler goes with hands that we would likely expect on a pilot watch, but not a racer. While incongruous in some respects, it works pretty well here. With as large as the dial is – and the bold contrasts you have with the numerals – a narrower handset would simply get lost in the dial. This way, the big and bold ethos carries forward, and legibility is maintained.

If we’re talking big and bold, we of course have to talk about the case. All of the watches I’ve reviewed from CT Scuderia have been bigger, and the Scrambler is no exception, coming in at 45mm x 40mm (and I’m guessing somewhere around 18mm thick). So, yeah, this is a large case, and made from steel, it’s no lightweight (especially at 124g). Some that you can expect for a chronograph movement, you just need more space for the complication. However, this is a quartz chronograph (Ronda Swiss-made), so more than a little of that case size is being done for form, rather than function.

Then again, if you’re on the hunt for a larger watch, how much of the case is made up of spacers and air likely is not a huge concern for you. For me, I tend to like things more compact, and a thinner profile on the wrist. Then again, I do make the exception there for the few divers that I have in my collection, since I find them immensely practical for my life. If you’re the sort who has good uses for chronographs, well, then you’d likely make the same exceptions (for case size), and you’d not have an argument for me. I say, go with what you like.

If you’re liking the looks of the CT Scuderia Scrambler, be ready to put down $1,195 for the version we looked at here (add another $100 if you want the steel bracelet instead). And, if this particularly squared-off case isn’t for you, but you like the rest of the look, I’d definitely say you would want to at least peruse the CT Scuderia catalog. While the case differentiates the CT Scuderia Scrambler, it follows with a cohesive design language that makes it clear that they’re all in the same family. Whether your preference is to love it or leave it, you can’t help but applaud the brand for keeping that consistency across the model lines. ctscuderia.com



Review Summary

  • Brand & Model: CT Scuderia Scrambler (ref. CS70119)
  • Price: $1,195
  • Who’s it for? You like your chronos in a bullhead format, but want something a bit less round
  • Would I wear it? No – big chronographs just aren’t my thing
  • What I’d change: The case just seems overly thick – shaving that down would be a boon to the watch
  • The best thing about it: The dial design

Tech Specs from CT Scuderia

  • Movement: Ronda Swiss Made; chronograph with Date
  • Watch Case: 45 x 40 mm
  • Case Back: Black IP Stainless Steel
  • Water Resistance: 10 atm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dial: Black Enamel with Details in Lumi White
  • Crystal: Sapphire
  • Buckle: Classic
  • Strap: Perforated Natural Genuine Leather

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