I’d been planning on selling a watch to a fellow in the UK — a watchuseek.com member, actually — and we decided to use DHL to send it. Big mistake. They lost the damn package and now I essentially have no recourse. Either ShipRite, in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, stole it or DHL dropped it in the sewer, but I’m pissed. I’ll never use them again.

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  1. DHL sucks big time. I placed an order for a Stauer watch 2 months ago, and it never arrived. When after a month, I contacted the seller/sender/dealer (Nextten), they checked and told me that it was sent by DHL 28 days prior to my inquiry and they lost it (DHL conveniently calls it “misrouting”). I am still waiting for my watch to be re-shipped, and the company says they will do so in a week or so, after their “investigation” is complete.

    DHL sucks big time!

  2. DHL shipping is a joke. The punchline is their customer service. They’re really earning themselves a reputation as completely inept with just about anyone I deal with. The most troubling thing is that everyone is starting to use them. I’m no fan of UPS, or FEDEX for that matter, but they’ve never misplaced an entire shipment of packages (a truck load).

  3. Apparently DHL has some agreement with USPS. Instead of driving an extra 30 minutes tops to deliver my package personally, they supposedly took it to the nearest metro Post Office to complete the delivery. It never arrived. Amazon had to ship the package again (by UPS thankfully). It arrived safe and sound three days later.

  4. I am a DHL employee, the company is very disorganized, I worked for Airbourne then ABX Air for over 6 years before they took over where I am employeed. On top of being a terrible shipping company which I would never send anything through in my life the way they destroy packages and misroute freight, they tripled the price of employee insurance and took away full time status employees down to 32 hours a week when they took charge of my hub last year.

  5. DHL Teamsters will steal your packages. They cannot get fired because they belong to the Union; DHL has gone wrong with the National Freight Masters Agreement. I have worked for DHL before and I will never use it, nor will its own employees due to the corruption and disorganization in the company. UPS is more reliable and yes, DHL does have an agreement with USPS for densely populated areas. DHL delivers your package to USPS and USPS delivers it to you.

  6. Let’s get one thing straight. Theft in the workplace is the biggest part of any companies losses. To say that because workers employed by DHL are Teamsters and cannot get fired for theft is not true. And your other statement regarding the USPS is also not true. DHL no longer has the deliver packages. ‘GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT ASSHOLE”

  7. I own several watches from spending $99 on a Stauer to spending $5000 on a rolex and buying a Stauer even though assembled in china Stauer watches are a steal the quality control is great for a china assembled watch . . .everytime i speak to Stauer customer service they treat me like i am a patek phillip customer

  8. I agree with you Tommy…It happens that sometimes packages are not on time,i know that for i am a DHL employee myself, but remember, the people working for DHL are also JUST HUMANS…they are not ROBOTS!!

    And when a document takes 6 days for delivery, its definitely NOT DHL’s fault, the people that DHL are picking up from are to ashamed to say that it was their mistake(didnt have the package/documents ready) when DHL WASSSSS there to pick it up, now i ask you what is easier than just blaming it on DHL????

    And just so you know, when you send such an expensive parcel such as a Rolex, its so OBVIOUS that you should take insurance on it, so that WHEN your parcel DOES get lost, you will get the complete value of the watch back….

    And as far as I know, you are not even allowed to courier watches using DHL??

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