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Rising from the depths with the Bulova Oceanographer

Quick – when you think of Bulova, what style of watch are you thinking?  Perhaps a hyper-accurate quartz chronograph?  Or something of a dressier nature?  Yes, those are great candidates to think of with Bulova.  But what about a dive watch?  It seems like just about every brand had a dive watch of some sort in the 1970s, and Bulova was no exception.  One of their most popular was known as the “Devil Diver” (for it’s water resistance being listed as 666 ft, instead of 200m, on the dial), and we recently got to spend some time with a new watch inspired by the original, the Bulova Oceanographer.

Seiko Knocks One Out Of The Park Again

Back in March of 2017 Seiko released the SRPB11 and SRPB09, Turtle and Samurai variants of what would affectionately come to be known as the “Blue Lagoon” in the ever-popular Prospex diving line. The instant I saw the Blue Lagoon I wanted the Turtle version. That vibrant blue dial, subtle yellow index highlights, and gorgeous two-tone blue bezel – well – let’s just say that it had me at hello! At the time, financially I wasn’t in a position to spend $500 on a watch, and so it remained just out of reach. Of course I came to regret the decision not to purchase one as new ones now regularly trade for well over MSRP online. Opportunity lost. Or was it?

Reactor Fall Out: A serious chunk of stainless steel

Reactor was kind enough to give me a Fall Out for evaluation. This is a watch ready for harsh treatment. Reactor mills a billet of stainless steel and embeds a first rate Japanese movement under a heavy duty, domed crystal. The bracelet is attached with machined rods of steel with hex head screws. This thing is better made than a Russian tank.

Heading downtown with the S&B Watches Skyline

As I mentioned in our article on the Zew Box Luxury Watch Kickstarter, S&B Watches (also known as Smith & Bradley) was the main brand behind the club starting up.  While the campaign has closed (and was fully funded), we got to spend a little bit of time with a S&B Watches Skyline, the Swiss automatic offered at one of the tiers in the club.  So, you backers at the Executive Club level, consider this a preview of the watch you’ll be receiving.

Hands on with the Davosa Argonautic Lumis Black

Davosa makes some very nice watches. I have reviewed their Professional TT, and their 46mm Titanium. Both were fantastic. Now I have got my hands on their Davosa Argonautic Lumis and I am really liking this one. It’s a bit of a mix of Rolex and Omega, and it has tritium tubes. Lets check this out.

Introducing the Orient Triton Diver

While I may have started leaning towards thinner, more dressy watches, in my own watch preferences, I still find myself drawn to divers.  There’s just a go anywhere sort of an attitude to them, and on a bracelet, you can certainly get away with trying to pair them with a suit (just make sure you’ve got wide cuffs).  If you find yourself rowing that same boat, then you may want to have a look at the just-announced  Orient Triton Diver.

Globe Trotting with the Christopher Ward C1 Grand Malvern Worldtimer

We’ve covered quite a few watches from Christopher Ward over the years, and many of us here at WWR have become fans of the value proposition they represent, along with some readily identifiable styles.  My earliest exposure to the brand came from the C60 Trident line, and I’ve tended to gravitate towards those.  Well, today, we’ve got a review of a watch that is quite a bit different from the Tridents, the Christopher Ward C1 Grand Malvern Worldtimer.

The WWR March Giveaway: a Thomas Earnshaw Grand Calendar

Earnshaw 1805 Grand Calendar10The folks at Thomas Earnshaw have been nice enough to supply us with a few watches for reviews over the years, and for the WWR March Giveaway, I am going to pass on one of my review watches to you, our dear readers.  I looked at the Thomas Earnshaw 1805 Grand Calendar almost a year ago, and thought it was a nice dress watch for the price.  The watch has a lot going on, but it is still readable.

Hanging out with the NTH Näcken Renegade

We all have brands that we look forward to seeing new releases from, and NTH (part of Janis Trading, as we all know) is one of those very brands.  So, when Chris “Doc” Vail reached out and asked if we wanted to take a look at some of the newer models he’s releasing, we of course said yes.  Victor will have a different one in a review soon, but I took a look at at the NTH Näcken Renegade.

The Shinola Runwell – it’s not just for your wrist anymore

You know me – while many folks seem to want to dismiss Shinola as just another marketing story attaching itself to watches built in a city rising from a fall, I’ve been a booster for the brand. This was only further solidified when I toured the factory and saw first hand the work being done.  You’re no doubt aware that they’ve expanded past watches, and today we’re looking at another one of their diversions – the Shinola Runwell clocks.