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Timex TX Video


If you can tell me what’s going on here, I’ll pay you like $5.

Fossil’s OLED Watches

No real info on these guys yet, but Fossil has been playing with OLEDS a lot and here’s some live video of them in action.

Product Page

Review: Breitling B-1 Multifunction Quartz

Our new blogging brother, just posted a great review of the B-1. Watch and learn.

Breitling B-1 Multifunction Quartz Watch Review [BreitlingSource]

Dan Spitz of Anthrax talks about watchmaking


“Hi, I’m Dan Spitz. I’m a master watchmaker and I also co-founded the band Anthrax.”

In 1995 Dan Spitz quit his thrash metal band Anthrax to find some quiet. A third-generation watchmaker, Spitz quit the band and learned the trade and now builds his own complicated pieces. “There’s no roadmap for those pieces,” he says. He’s an incredible dude. Check out the video below and celebrate watches repaired by the guy who wrote “Death From Above.”

Marathon CSAR Chrono Review

Nubo reviews the massive Marathon CSAR chrono, a beautiful tool watch that looks like a tank. 7750 Valjoux and lots of extraneous markings and screw down push buttons FTW.

Time Piece: A Beautiful Movie On Swiss Watchmaking


Time Piece – Switzerland from HODINKEE on Vimeo.

It’s not hard to make watchmaking look good but this film takes the cake. It’s by Kat Mansoor and features two master watchmakers, Vianney Halter and Philippe Dufour.

via Hodinkee

IWC Shows Us How Its Done




The it in this case referring to after-sales service. Often times, when we’re looking to buy a watch, having it serviced is the furthest thing from our minds. Of course, if you’re buying a mechanical watch, service is inevitable – any machine with moving parts is going to need some TLC now and again.

DualTow by Cristophe Claret


Man alive: look at this monster. It’s the DualTow watch by Cristophe Claret. This watch has a single-pusher chronograph and striking mechanism to chime when you activate the chronograph. The coolest additions are the two belt displays showing the hours and minutes. Then you’ve got a tourbillon to round things out.

It’s a manual-wind movement with 50-hour reserve and only 68 will be made.



A world class timepiece? A photoframe? Why didn’t I think of this!

Bonus to the readers – In which William Gibson book did someone see a sarariman with a holographic vagina on his watch. I, for the life of me, can’t find that passage.

The Buran Stingray: Big


I’ve been lax in my coverage of Russian watches lately. Most Russians do not have, how you say, very high quality but they have lots of features and plenty of style.

This dude at Russia2All covers the Buran Stingray, a diver that looks like someone stole the depth gauge off of a Victorian-era submersible.

This “style,” if you want to call it that, came about in WWII and is very similar to the old-timey Cartier Pasha. Those bars are to keep the crystal from blowing up under water. This watch has an ETA 7750 movement modified to remove the chrono parts.

Apparently this watch was made in Switzerland, a move by Buran to lend a little credibility to their brand. If you’re in the market for a watch, take a look at the Russians.