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Did you see this Yema x Klokkeriet collaboration?

By now, you should be familiar with Yema, as we’ve written about a vast majority of their watches. You may be less familiar with Klokkeriet, a Norwegian watch enthusiast group on Facebook. Yema created a watch for them, and now the remaining pieces of the YEMA Speedgraf x Klokkeriet are available to the general public.

Introducing the Marloe Atlantic

It’s been some time since we’ve had Marloe Watch Co on our pages, but with our eyes turned away, they’ve managed to keep busy. Frankly, any brand launching new watches in the midst of pandemic disruptions is worth some applause. For those who like mechanical chronographs, the new Marloe Atlantic lineup may require a standing ovation.

Tutima, for all your Flieger Friday Needs

There are no end of clever hashtags on social media, it seems. Some I’m aware of (and even have participated in), but one I was not aware of was #FliegerFriday. Well, it’s no surprise it’s there – but what is a suprise is Tutima launching a watch specifically for that hashtag – the limited edition Tutima Flieger Friday Chronograph.

Just launched: the Endatto C2V1

There’s no two ways about it – you put a crisp, clean watch design in front me, couch it in a classic (and compact) profile, and throw in a deep blue dial for good measure? You will have my attention, no problem. Wouldn’t you know it, the just-released Endatto C2V1 hits all those marks.

Compressing time with the Christopher Ward C65 Super Compressor

Back over the summer, we brought you word of the new Christopher Ward C65 Super Compressor (seen here). This time around, we’re back with some hands-on impressions that we gathered after spending some time with a review loaner.

Introducing the Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Satellite Wave

When people think about cool and capable dive watches, for some reason I don’t think many of them consider Citizen – and you know, that’s a shame. They’ve got a wide variety of watches that can fit the bill, but their latest release – Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Satellite Wave – really packs a lot of tech into it’s titanium case.

The Torgoen T43 trades the skies for the water

If you’ve been a long-time reader of the site, you’re no doubt familiar with Torgoen. They’ve long produced aviation-focused watches (which we most recently reviewed here). In the spirit of exploring new avenues, they’ve gone ahead and made a dive watch, in the form of the Torgoen T43.

Introducing the Christopher Ward C65 Chronograph

As of late, Christopher Ward seems to have been giving a LOT of love and attention to their C65 lineup. I’ve found a lot to like with the line (particularly this one), and for fans of vintage-look chronographs, the Christopher Ward C65 Chronograph is now here.

French watchmaker Charriol celebrates its Celtic Legacy


The original Celtic Legacy was an oddly-named but surprisingly popular timepiece that landed on wrists decades ago. Featuring a crown at four o’clock and a uniquely-positioned seconds dial at seven o’clock, the watch was a fashion icon.

Introducing the Paulin Neo

Even with as many watches as I’ve seen over the years, I still managed to be surprised every now again. And pleasantly so! One of the latest very pleasant surprises that I ran across is the delightful Paulin Neo.