Once upon a time France was well-known for its watchmakers. They bustled on the Ile de cite, harrumphed through the royal palaces, and generally acted like self-appointed protectors of French science. Now? Not so much. That said, they’re coming back and Lord Henry Watches is here to herald in the new age.

Lord Henry is designed in Cannes, France and features the standard three hand configuration in multiple metals for about 200 euro. The watches come in multiple colors and styles and all have a seconds hand at six o’clock and a bold, handwritten logo up top. It’s water resistant to 5ATM and runs a Small Second Quartz movement from Seiko.

The watches feature unique designs for Her & for Him, available in 6 variations. Every watch can be worn with a Perlon strap (7 colours available) in a Casual Chicfashion, or more formally with a Leather strap (3 colours available).Changing one perlon for the other is particularly easy, and thanks to our quick release spring bars, going from Perlon to Leather (or vice versa) is also done in a matter of seconds, without tool. By playing with materials and colors, a Lord Henry watch is the ideal pick on any occasion, no matter the style you are going for, the time of the day or the type of event you are attending

One watch with three straps costs about $215 on Kickstarter and they’re shipping in February. They’re raising $24,000 and they’ve already hit their goal. The pieces are unisex so you can turn your Lord Henry into a Lady Henrietta. Sacre bleu!

By John Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

One thought on “Lord Henry, oh where have you gone? Why, I’m on your wrist, fair lad!”
  1. They may be designed in Cannes, but they look like crappy mall watches found all over the place. They’re only unisex if you like wearing a women’s fashion watch.

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