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Contest: Win an Orient watch [Closed]

Posted on 13 October 2009 by John Biggs

giveawayWe don’t often get to run contests here at WWR, but when we do, we get excited. Recently, Orient watches contacted us about doing a giveaway, and we are definitely excited and glad to help them find a new home for one of their timepieces. For the details on how to win, click on constant reader…

Orient Watch is known as the bargain brand with the long names, and the watch that we’re giving away is no exception. The watch in question is the Orient bem72001b, and it’s lovely. It’s a stainless steel case, water resistant to 50 meters, and made with Orient’s in house automatic movement.

How do you win? Well that’s easy. Leave a comment telling us what your first watch was. It’s that easy. Also make sure that you put a real email address in (don’t worry, we’re the only ones who will see it) so we can contact you when you win. The contest will end on October 23, at which time we’ll select a random (or our favorite) comment, and award the watch.

Update: Contest ends at 12:01am Pacific time tonight (October 23rd). We’ll notify the winner via email.

  • rstoms

    I inherited a hand-wound vintage Titus Solvil from my Grandfather when I was 8 or 9 years old. Recently had it refurbished, and given that it is about 50 years old, it still keeps pretty good time. Just waiting to pass it on to the next generation.

  • SimonBC

    My first watch was a hand down basic windup watch from my father – it lasted ages, until I managed to get a oh-so-awesome cheap casio!!

  • Omar Abid

    it was RATEL

    what do you mean by favorite comment?

  • JanBe

    my first watch was a classic: the casio f-91w. I loved it.

  • duks

    A titan .. i dont even remember where its now .. with mobiles i haven used it anymore

  • Scott Northwood

    Timex. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking…

  • Jonathan

    My first watch was a swiss one: The original Flik Flak…

  • Micael Sá

    My first watch was from a small toy vending machine:),i was 4 years old(1dollar machine) It had the time printed on was right 2 times a day:P

  • Adam

    I had a SpiderMan digital watch. It was awesome. All plastic (obviously) with a button on the side that would show you the date. Sweeeeet!

  • Gary Scherer

    My first watch was a Texas Instruments LED digital with date and time.

  • rastapete

    Pulsar LED. Yes, the one that had a blank screen until you pressed a button to light up those big red digits.

  • Ian Dort

    My first watch was the Video Music Quartz Michael Jackson “Beat It” watch. I was 7 and it was 1985!

  • Mike White

    My first watch was a real-deal, first edition Mickey Mouse wristwatch. At some point the crystal broke but I kept on wearing it. One day in church (big crowd) I was winding it, something broke and the hands spun out and took off like a helicopter. I’ve always wondered who they landed on.

  • Brazilian_sf

    My first watch was a Mickey watch. It’s lame, but when you’re 5 a Mickey watch will make you very happy :-)

  • eli-illes

    My first watch was ugly Russian military industry product. Primitive and reliable.

  • omar

    My first watch was a Playboy watch that was sent to me by my Father from US to Bangladesh, I think I was about 6 years old. At the time, growing up in the Islamic dominant country, and being a Muslim myself (I wasn’t faithful though), wearing a Playboy watch wasn’t a big deal because most people didn’t know what the bunny in the watch meant. It’s funny that even my dad–despite having lived in the US for 5 years at the time–didn’t realize what he was sending me. I wore the watch and replaced the battery for many years. I can’t recall what happened to the watch, but do have to say, I love my babes. Thank you Playboy for opening the door to God’s most beautiful creation. The Playboy watch was a sure sign that I’d live in the US of A one day. Amen!

  • AnthonyD

    My first watch was a mickey mouse watch, with the moving hands.

  • Alex Castlejohn

    My first watch was a Benrus Citation, which I won for having the best question of the day on Happy Felton’s Talk to the Stars, the Brooklyn (YES, Brooklyn) Dodgers post-game TV Show. A few years later, while in the bow of a canoe on the Wolf River in Wisconsin, I took it off to wind and another canoe ran into my elbow and the watch fell into the river! Once I was away from the other boy scouts, I cried and cried!

  • Ryan

    First real watch was a Fossil – I still use it everyday (after 4 or 5 new straps), 15 years later!

  • Kevster

    I believe it was a times pocket watch believe it or not

  • Sim

    My first real watch (except for a timex ironman) was a Wenger world timer (I’ve look all over the net to find the exact model but was unsuccesfull) that a friend gave to me. Even though it’s a good watch, I coudln’t make it works for more than a few months in a row…
    So a new Orient would be perfect!
    Good luck to all!

  • Michael

    Nothing fancy, my first watch was a Timex that my dad gave me.

  • Brian

    My first was an early 70s Timex Marlin with a world time feature that had cities in each time zone printed on a rotating bezel. You rotated the bezel so that your time zone corresponded to the hour hand, then each city would be adjacent to its current time.

  • Brian

    My first watch was white-faced, black leather banded Timex that my grandmother got me when I was 7 or 8 years old. At one point I lost it while playing in my backyard in the autumn leaves and we found it after the spring thaw. Took a licking and kept on ticking!

  • Alan

    Well, my first watch was about 44 years ago when I was 10. I did have a watch and I think that it was

  • Alan

    Oops – anyway, it was a Timex of some sort. Can’t remember much about it however.

  • Rajesh

    My first watch was Titan-Fastrack. I still have it.

  • Pat

    My first was a Casio windup. Can’t remember much about it though.

  • Anton

    my first watch was a Poljot that was given to me by my grandfather when i was 6. Regretfully i did lose it when the strip broke a couple of years later.

  • Carolyn Barnett

    My first watch was a timex with a leather band.Loved it.Thanks for the chance to win.I would love to give one of these to my husband for christmas.

  • Gayle Watkins

    My first watch was a Timex. I was in grade school, and it was very plain and very cheap…LOL

  • Siddharth

    My first watch was a timex

  • Robert Kraemer

    My first watch was a Rolex Submariner that I was able to purchase while serving overseas in the United States Navy. I had the watch for 5 months and the band broke while I was attempting to tie up alongside the ship. The watch just sunk as did my heart. I would guess that since it had an automatic movement it may still be ticking away on he bottom.Istill think about how dissapointed I was that night.

  • theNakedMac

    my first watch was a clip-on timex digital watch

  • Anonymous

    My first was a Timex military style watch with a leather band. I still have it, and it’s hilarious to me how small my wrists used to be.

  • Cam

    Whoops, forgot my email!

    My first was a Timex military style watch with a leather band. I still have it, and it’s hilarious to me how small my wrists used to be.

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