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The world of watches can be hard to navigate. There are numerous brands, makes, models and styles. When looking to purchase a men’s watch (for yourself or as a gift to a loved one), the right choice isn’t always clear. Often, the natural tendency is to think that ‘more expensive’ equates to ‘better quality’.

As you know, I’ve been reviewing watches for a number of years. I do so because I’m fascinated by both the elegance and utility of timepieces.

I’ve created this gift guide resource to help those considering the purchase of a wrist watch. The guide brings together my favourite watches by style. It explains why I’ve chosen these specific timepieces and provides useful related information for each watch I’m suggesting to you, the reader.

Each watch that I’ve placed in their respective ‘Top 3’ category are pieces which I personally love. I believe they would make fantastic gifts for anyone on the receiving end of one.

With the above said, happy gifting!

John Biggs