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RGM Has A Ladies Model In The Works



I think it goes without much saying, we’re fans of what the folks over at RGM are creating ( you can see other RGM-related posts here) – and hopefully you are after that video I posted yesterday.  To date, all of their models have been focused for men – but this is changing in the near future.

Mr. Jones And Me




Are staring at this watch?  Perhaps if we manipulate that Counting Crows song just a bit.  But I digress.  We looked at a Mr. Jones watch for the first time earlier this week (see here), and today we’ll look at another from their lineup.

Flower Power




Don’t worry, this post won’t be preaching to you about “peace and love, man.”  Instead, we’ll be taking a look at some watches from Mr. Jones that are currently on offer over at Watchismo.

Does Whatever A Spider Can




Well, perhaps not – can spiders tell time?  Sure, some can give a photographer superpowers, but I don’t think it could tell time.  The Kisai Spider from TokyoFlash, on the other hand, can, in their usual quirky style.

What’s That In The Sky?



Look – up there!  It’s a bird!  No, it’s a plane!  No, wait a minute – it’s a watch?  Yes, that’s right – our friends over at Marvin have teamed up with Fratello to put together a limited edition (88 pieces) version of the Malton Cushion (read our review on that model here), based on an advertisement from the 50’s they found in their archives.

Techne Conjures Up A New Watch



I suppose there are other references to Merlin, but I immediately think of the literary wizard.  Any which way, it looks to me like Teche has another great watch on offer here.

Serket Brings A New Diver To The Reef



While I’m not overly familiar with the first two revisions of this watch, Serket just released version 3.0 of their Reef Diver.

Halios Has A New Bronze Model



Time and time again, I keep coming back to watches with bronze cases.  I’m a fan of how the material patinas, in a sense customizing the watch to you and your skin chemistry.  And while I’ve not reviewed a Halios model before, I’m really liking what I see with this watch.

Fly Though A Space-Time Tunnel



I’m not the only one who recalls playing (or watching others play) rudimentary video games that had you flying through some nutty tunnel that looked like a bunch of lined up neon tubes, right?  Well, if you do, you’ll immediately understand the reference in TokyoFlash’s latest watch.

Tactico Does An Encore



If you’re even remotely active in the online community, you’re likely aware of the Spanish brand t.a.c.t.i.c.o (referred to as Tactico here on out). Their first model, the TC1,