CJR Watches Velocita 02It is always rewarding when brands reach out to us, especially those that are putting out their first models on crowd funding sites.  Recently CJR Watches did just that, hoping to showcase their new line of quartz and automatic bullhead chronographs, the CJR Watches Velocita.

CJR Watches Velocita 01The line has a wide range of colors available, with most colors paired to Swiss Ronda 3520D quartz movements, and the gold and carbon black driven by ETA 775 automatic movements.  The project launched on Friday, but I am just doing a quick write-up here, since a sample is in the mail headed my way for a hands on review.  With the quick turn and limited supply of early bird watches, I wanted to put this out quickly, in case there are any of you ready to jump in now.

CJR Watches Velocita 03Overall, the design is intriguing.  The bullhead arrangement, with the pushers on top of the case, has always made sense for me with chronographs, though the arrangement also makes you want to remove the watch from your wrist while doing the timing.  The open structure on the side, reminiscent of a wing cross section to me, and designed to look like a motorcycle frame, is an interesting touch.  It does angle the bullhead pushers away from the wrist a bit, aiding usability at the expense of thickness.
I will have more detailed impressions when I get the watch in hand.  The the mean time, check out the project and if it hits the right buttons, jump in.  The quartz watches have an early bird price starting at $199, and the automatics start at $1,299.  project page

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