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Introducing Endatto Watches


If you’re going to come out with a new watch, you really need to figure out how to make the design stand out. That could be done with complications or interesting case designs. But what it you’re starting with a classic case shape and a basic three-hander-plus-date? Well, if you’re Endatto Watches, you focus in on the dial.

Both the Endatto C1V1 and C1V2 offer up an interesting bit of dial work. Courtesy of laser etching, you get different patterns than you might otherwise expect from a newer brand. The green C1V1 keeps you on a tilt, while the red C1V2 calls more to mind of 8-bit waves rolling off to the horizon.

All of this, Endatto has set into a 39mm case (tasty at 10.7mm thick) featuring a full polish everywhere except for the top of the lugs. Topping the case, you’ve got a sapphire crystal with an AR coating, and around back you’ve got an exhibition caseback.

Through that caseback, you can see the movement that Endatto has placed into their watches, the tried and true ETA 2824-2, with a nicely-finished rotor. In short, you’ve got the makings of an interesting watch for someone who’s on the hunt for a “nice watch” to add to their collection, or for someone who is looking to get their first Swiss piece.

Now, I will admit, asking someone to put $1200 down for a watch from a brand most of us have not heard from before is a gamble. Not that you wouldn’t have the watch, per se, but that longevity could be a question should repairs be needed. Then again, everyone has to start somewhere, right? In this case, Endatto just launched last month. If you’d like to help them along their path, and put one of the first two watch collections from the brand onto your wrist, just head right on over to endatto.com

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