“The Connected Modular 45.” A name that truly drips off the tongue. So full of promise, of beauty, of the potential for connecting modules!

Luckily since this smartwatch comes from TAG it’s actually pretty nice-looking and could pass as a regular watch if no one was paying attention. TAG has doubled down on the smartwatch market as it approaches the 21st century and this piece is their latest flagship model. At $1,650 it’s not cheap but it’s a nice try and it will end up being an important part of TAG’s line-up.

To be clear I’d much rather wear a Steve McQueen chrono than an Android smartwatch from any maker but it’s nice to see them giving this a go. Click below to view the 45 in all its geeky glory.

[amazon_link asins=’B00PWYNNK8,B015QTNED4,B00NC8PMUK,B00OBHEQDK’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’wristwatchrev-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’f2efb294-0b25-11e7-8bd2-91ca6b598379′]

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