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Ferro & Company Traditum: First Look

I’ll admit up front that I’ve not paid all that much attention to the micro brand Ferro & Company out of Vancouver, Canada. I’ve heard bits and pieces over the years, but never really taken a close look at their offerings. That is, until now. After several quite successful Kickstarter campaigns, Ferro’s latest project is the Traditum (Latin for “Traditional”), an aptly named Swiss powered, hand-wound mechanical time piece. Let’s take a look.

Marching doubletime with the Steinhart Military 47


You know who we haven’t talked about in quite a while?  Germany-based Steinhart, that’s who!  They just recently announced the Steinhart Military 47, which ticks off a lot of the checkboxes you might be considering for a vintage-style military watch.

Reviewing a Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical trio

When it comes to iconic military-issue (or -related) watches, you’ve got more than a few choices. If you find yourself, say, more land-based, then something in a field watch style will be up your alley. One of the more recent – and more interesting – releases in this style is the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical, which we recently got to spend some time with.

Ball Watch Trainmaster Cleveland Night Express

I will be the first to admit – I am a sucker for watches that include tritium tubes.  While many of them definitely hit more of a tool- or sport-watch feel, there are ones out there that take things in a more classic, or even dressy, sort of a style.  I like that juxtaposition of a classic bit of watch styling mashed up with, well, atomic age technology for illuminating the watch at night.  While they live in the luxury end of the segment, the watches from Ball certainly fit that bill, and their latest, the Ball Watch Trainmaster Cleveland Night Express, looks to be another interesting iteration.

Review – Poljot Aviator Limited Edition

Poljot means flight in Russian. They were the first watches in space, worn on April 12, 1961 by Yuri Gagarin and, but this is just rumor, but Strelka and Belka, the first dogs in space. This Poljot is a limited edition Aviator with sword hands, date a 6 o???clock, and a sweep second hand at 9 o???clock.

Introducing a new Estonian watch, the Wõitleja

With watches, we are often curious about those that come from countries that are not particularly known for their watchmaking, or perhaps as a way of diversifying a collection to represent all those different countries.  Estonia is a small Baltic country that really is not known for watches.  We did review one a while ago, and now we have another one to add to the list of those you could be on the look for – the Wõitleja, by Estonia1918.

Introducing Some Colorful New Limited Edition Christopher Ward Malvern Watches


When it comes to stylish and affordable watches, Christopher Ward is generally one of the names at the top of most people’s lists. Given how “new” the brand feels, it is almost a surprise to realize that they have been creating these watches for ten years now. On the occasion of that anniversary, they went back to their very first watch, and released some new colors of their current-version Christopher Ward Malvern.

The Marloe Cherwell – A Personal Relationship

Marloe Cherwell 02OK, you only have a few dozen hours to get behind the crowd-funded kick off of the Marloe Cherwell, but better late than never, am I right?  The brand was nice enough to loan me black and white dial versions, and I really liked them.  OK, I was probably predisposed, since the watches are hand wound minimalist watches without a date window, but just because a watch was built practically with me in mind, that does not mean I would love it, or does it?

The Marloe Haskell has Antarctic style and class

The author, Jeffrey Donenfeld, standing at the Ceremonial South Pole, Antarctica while working at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.

Marloe Watch Company is a new company, starting in 2015, but specializing in vintage-inspired, heritage-rich timepieces. Based out of Oxfordshire, England, they now produce four varieties of wristwatches, each with their own story. Their latest piece is the Haskell – inspired by British Antarctica adventure, this watch features a classic design, and most notable, an incredible etching of the continent of Antarctica on the caseback.

Introducing the Junghans Meister Driver Handaufzug


As you are no doubt aware, BaselWorld will be kicking off again here pretty soon, which means we will start seeing a lot more announcements about new models and versions.  A lot of this comes from the luxury brands, and that is not really where we tend to dwell here at WWR.  No, we like our watches affordable and interesting.  Sure, the Junghans Meister Driver Handaufzug is not a sub-$500 indie watch, but this one certainly checks off a lot of boxes for me.