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Christopher Ward C9 5 Day Small Second Chronometer, Say that fast

Christopher Ward C9 5 Day 06We are fans of Christopher Ward here at WWR, I think that is pretty evident.  I purchased my CW before I started writing reviews, and it is still one of my go to watches when I am not wearing a watch for review.  If you are not familiar with the brand, they are a London based company that sells Swiss made watches direct over the internet, with no brand ambassadors.  They have recently starting flexing their watch making chops, creating a new in-house movement.  The Christopher Ward C9 5 Day Small Second Chronometer uses the in-house SH21 hand wound movement to produce a COSC certified dress watch.

Big news about a little watch from Christopher Ward: the sub-6 mm C5 Malvern 595

Mechanical watches in the under-$1,000 price range tend to be thicker and larger these days. A 42 mm x 12 mm automatic can pass for a dress watch, and even the slimmer manual offerings are mostly thicker than 6 mm—until now.

Introducing Arcane Watches


Hey, guys and gals, ready to hear about another new watch brand that’s starting up? Wait, wait, don’t run away. What if I told you it was all American-made (not just built in the States)? Ok, ok, well, how about if it managed to recycle not just old pocket watch movements (that’s how you can get an American-made movement), but also the material used for the case? Well, then, hopefully we have your interest, as the new Arcane Watches look to be interesting.

Introducing the Arnold & Son Time Pyramid Guilloché


I like to think of WWR as the home for affordable wrist watches, with occasional forays into the higher end pieces. Those forays are generally due to something rather unique and interesting coming up, and the Arnold & Son Time Pyramid Guilloché certainly falls into that category. Working with interesting displays of movements on the dial is nothing new for the brand, and this latest iteration of the Time Pyramid ups the game in terms of finishing.

H2O Watch Hydra Dress Diver, Have It Both Ways

h2o_hydra_003Tool watch, dress watch, dress watch tool watch; what to wear, what to wear?  H2O Watch has an idea that maybe you don’t need to decide any more, you can get a nice tool watch that is elegant enough to wear as a dress watch, and does not have the price tag of a Panerai attached.  The H2O Watch Hydra is currently open for pre-order, letting you pick from case finish/material, dial color, bezel design, and even crown to create a watch that fits your style, from the boardroom to the beach.

1915 Omega Petrograd

I’m thinking this Omega ain’t that hot, but it’s a nice concept. It’s basically a retread of a 1915 piece using caliber 2200 inside a rose gold case.

This Omega Museum watch is an absolute stunner. A limited [1915 pieces] reedition of the 1915 Omega Petrograd watch, featuring the omega caliber 2200 and in Red gold on a leather strap with reference number of 5703.30.0 it is part of Omega’s museum line of classic re-issues.

Omega Museum Watch [OmegaBlogger]

Review – Davosa Mecanique

We???ve thus far been pleased with the small selection of Davosa pieces we received here at the Watch Cave. Unfortunately, and, in a way, fortunately, the Davosa 160.394.56 aka the Mecanique, was the weakest piece of the bunch, which says a lot about Davosa as a whole.

Riding the Rails with the G. Gerlach PM36

Back in October, John brought you word of the new G. Gerlach PM36 series.  Now, we’re a few months down the road, and we are able to bring you our hands-on impressions of this beauty of a railroad watch.

Vintage vibes with the Vapaus Veli

As you probably surmised from that title, I have a thing for alliteration. Well, several types of word play, but we have what we have on hand. Know what else I have a thing for? As it turns out, it’s watches with a slick vintage feel. Show me a watch with a thin case, minimal bezel, and a visibly domed crystal, and I am definitely paying attention. This is a style that we see pop up now and again, and I do not get tired of running across it. The latest iteration find itself with a Swiss-made heart, and goes by the name of the Vapaus Veli.

Kickin’ it Octagon Style

Often, when a company is looking to drum up business on Kickstarter (or any other crowd-funding site), it’s because they’re not established or want to secure pre-orders, and generally do this by offering things at pretty affordable price points. Because, frankly, you as the buyer are shouldering a good deal of risk.  Well, this is not so with the latest project to hit KS from Mark Carson, with his new Mark Carson Octagon Watch.  Cause, you see, Carson likes to do things differently.