By now, you should be aware of Baltic, as every watch we’ve seen them announce (and the one we reviewed) has been quite popular, and for good reason. The designs are well-done, the construction solid, and it’s just an all-around good watch. The latest one to join the hit parade is the just-announced Baltic Aquascaphe Titanium.

In terms of what came before this release, the Baltic Aquascaphe Titanium most closely resembles (in my eyes) the dual crown anniversary edition because of the dial design (they state it’s an evolution of the Aquascaphe Classic). When I first saw the photos of this release, I was immediately drawn to the larger indices on the dial, as well as how the rounded shape from the compass points is also reflected in the luminous strip on the handset. It’s the little details like these that really let you know the brand has thought about what they’re making.

So, while the dial and handset design has me sold on the Baltic Aquascaphe Titanium, it’s hard to deny the attraction of that case material – titanium. While the case is a touch larger than we’ve seen before (41mm diameter, 47mm lug-to-lug) the titanium should keep it nice and light. For the materials fans, do note that you’ve also got a sapphire crystal (double-domed for that bubble look) and a brushed ceramic bezel (lumed in coordination with the dial).

All of this wraps together to protect the Miyota 9039 movement inside, with the case carrying a water-resistance rating of 300m. The titanium itself will be corrosion resistant, and is even itself a bit anti-magnetic. In other words, that movement inside should be well-protected. For this launch, there will be 300 pieces released of each dial color (black or blue), with the caseback numbered. These come in at 710€ (about $762). And, should you miss out on this sort of limited-edition launch, there are plans to put these into the permanent collection as well, so it should be available again.

Tech Specs from Baltic

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Last Update: June 29, 2022

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