Michael Kors Jetmaster Automatic Banner

Michael Kors Jetmaster Automatic, Yes, Michael Kors

Let us be honest here, there are people to whom the designer is as important as the actual design. I see a fair number of watches out in the malls that are put out by clothing brands and are little more than overpriced quartz three handers. Which is why this watch is intriguing. The Michael Kors Jetmaster Automatic is a mechanical watch, it is reasonably straight forward in its design, and it is not outrageously priced. Could this be a way for designers to fight back against the coming wave of the iWatch?

Birline Super Slim 04

Birline Super Slim, Colors Galore

I see a lot of new watch projects on crowd funded sites, and most of them try to come up with a way to distinguish themselves from the pack. With so many watch designs out there, it is tough to do. Some do create a unique product, but many fall into the “same old thing” category. Birline is trying to avoid that trap by focusing not only on the watch, but also on the strap. The new Birline Super Slim uses a Harris Tweed strap in a multitude of colors to set themselves apart.


With The Triwa Partisan Lansen, It’s Easy Being Green

We have had more than a handful of articles about Triwa watches, and for good reason. The brand seems to do a good job of mixing (generally) colorful styling, quality builds, and affordable prices. As I mentioned in our previous post on the Stirling Hvalen (link) the brand has been doing more around creating more subdued color combinations. This is a trend we see continued on in the Triwa Partisan Lansen.


The Antoine Preziuso 3volution Tourbillon Believes More Is Better

I will admit, I am a sucker for a visually interesting watch. If you start exposing the more compelling (and kinetic) portions of the movement, then all the better. While I have only had one tourbillon cross my desk, I have to admit that it was a treat to watch in action. So, when I caught wind of the Antoine Preziuso 3volution Tourbillon, I definitely sat up and took notice.