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New Watches on Touch of Modern

Posted on 14 April 2014

Cobre de Calibre No Date

This mornings, Touch of Modern (join here is you have not done so already) popped up four watches, three of which are former Kickstarter projects I have reviewed in the past.  First up was a favorite I did not pull the trigger on, but am temped to do so now.  The Cobre de Calibre is an automatic watch with a Miyota Calibre 9015, a textured ceramic dial and a sapphire crystal.  The watch is on sale for $365 to $395, depending on the model, a little less that the Kickstarter campaign price.  On offer are 5 models, including the no-date model and the red ricing stripe model.  My take on the watches was posted here, and the sale page is here at ToM. Continue Reading

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April Giveaway Reminder

Posted on 08 April 2014



Just a quick reminder that the first stage of the April giveaway is coming to a close in a week – hop on over to the original post, and get your comment in before the 15th!

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Top 5 Coolness Countdown For April 5, 2014

Posted on 05 April 2014

This week on Top 5 Coolness Countdown, we separate the coolness from the lukewarm with a new streaming video player from Amazon, the return of the Windows Start menu and a robotic kangaroo.

If you’d like to hear us talking about this week’s countdown, listen to our Top 5 Coolness Countdown podcast:

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Christopher Ward Would Like You To Have A Discount

Posted on 02 April 2014


Christopher Ward is a brand that we’ve been pleased to come across here at WWR.  This British company offers a great combination of styling and affordability, with many of their lineup offering your choice of either a mechanical or quartz movement, whichever your budget might allow.  Now, they’re making those prices even better on one of their collections. Continue Reading

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And The AVI-8 Hawker Harrier Winner Is…

Posted on 31 March 2014

AVI-8-Hawker-Harrier-II (13)

This was one of our most popular giveaways to date – you all really seem to dig the AVI-8 stuff.  Want to know if you’re the winner?  Well, then, read on! Continue Reading

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New Models, Over $1000

Ressence, Simplified

Posted on 28 March 2014


The Ressence Type 3 watch was shown last year as BaselWorld and received a lot of press and even the Revelation Watch Prize at last tear’s Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix.  It was one sexy watch, really unlike anything else on the market.  The closest looking product on the market would be a smart watch with e-ink, but the Ressence is pure mechanical watchmaking beauty.  Now, in time for BaselWorld 2014  comes the Type 1 from Ressence. Continue Reading

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Amazon Has A Nice Watch Box Deal today

Posted on 27 March 2014

Wolf Designs 291289 open

If you’ve been thinking about picking up a new watch box, then Amazon’s Gold Box deal will likely be of interest to you.  They’ve got a 5-slot Wolf Designs watch box on sale today.  Normally it goes for $75, but you can snag it for only $49 (here), while their stock lasts.

Wolf Designs 291289 closed



Thanks to our pal Peter for the tip!

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Mondaine Announces Helvetica Line Of Font-Inspired Watches

Posted on 27 March 2014


Mondaine, popping off the Swiss Rail tracks for a bit, has announced what they’re calling the Helvetic Series, a simple, three-handed wristwatch that features – you guessed it – Helvetica writing on the face. It’s not robotic signing bird, but damn if that isn’t a good idea.
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