Review – Omega Speedmaster Reduced 3510.50.00

Posted on 15 June 2006 by John Biggs


Writing about the Omega Speedmaster Reduced 3510.50.00 is like trying to write about a classic muscle car. Words fail you and you fall back on cliche – classic, understated, collectable, impressive. It’s because of this that I took so long to start writing about my own Reduced – or Automatic, if you will – and why it’s one of the most important timepieces in horology.

The Speedmaster Professional is the moon watch, the one work by Buzz Aldrin on the first moon walk. The Speedmaster Reduced Automatic is the post-moon watch. It is a beautiful reduction of everything we love about the Pro with none of the manual winding hassle. With a stark black face and beautiful white baton hands, the Reduced allows you to own a piece of history while making the leap into a new era.

Made of brushed and polished stainless steel, the 38mm case is a bit understated by the white lettering and chapter ring make sure no one misses a beat. Based on the Omega 3220 calibre, an ETA base with the Dubois-Debrois chronograph module, the reduced looks great on a band or steel bracelet. The crystal, made of acrylic to mirror the Professional, scratches easily but can be buffed out without problems.

The watch has two pushers, one at two and another at four, and a crown at three. The movement handwinds but it is completely automatic and lasts about 40 hours when not on the wrist. The dial is eminently readable and the sub-registers offer an instant read on elapsed time.

The bezel has a tachymeter scale and the chapter ring marks second and split second intervals. It is comparatively waterproof, but don’t go diving in it.


The bracelet consists of polished and brushed links with a solid, if unadorned, clasp. While the Pro often benefits from a leather band, the Reduced looks great with its attendant bracelet.

Cons? Not many. The case may be a bit small for some big watch fans and the hours register only goes up to 12 and the sub-registers are not lumed. Big whoop, right? The time is extremely readable in the dark and if you need to time something for more than 12 hours, maybe try a sundial.


Priced anywhere from $2400 to $1800, the Speedmaster Reduced Automatic is not just an also-ran to its bigger brother. It is actually a completely separate and exciting watch, full of history, aesthetics, and tradition.

Quality: 4/5
Style: 5/5
Overall: 4/5

- John Biggs

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  • 5parky

    Lug size is 18mm which doesn’t leave a lot of great options if you want an authentic Omega strap/16mm deployment clasp… the nice ones are 20mm. Then again, it’s over $500 for the kit so best to look to the aftermarket. I like Morelatto from Italy, they have a nice cordura/leather strap that looks similar to the new speedy pro ;-) The only real difference between authentic vs aftermarket is that a) u know its not real (if that bothers u) b) the ends dont contour around the case

  • joey

    Does anyone know where I can get one of these watches from? I know they are discontinued by Omega and I would rather not buy from ebay etc. due to the risk

    • Peter Diehm

      I happened upon this review as I was preparing my 3510 for sale and note your question. Mine is as new and worn infrequently. I still have all original boxing (inner grey and outer white) and warranty card with instruction manual. I am located in Sydney Australia if you have any interest.


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  • Rev Teo How Ken

    Firstly I want to give our God all the Glory, to let human being having wisdom, to made Omega Speedmaster watch, so beauty and wonderful.

  • Ken How Teo

    Yesterday bought a use Omega Speedmaster, from Subang Jaya Wing Wah watch Shop, love it very much.

    From Black Man.

  • Anonymous

    I have A seamaster for 30 years and a Speedmaster for 10 years.
    Bouth were needed thousand of dolars for repairs none was aqurate, from time to time a complete stop with no reason. i don’t trusr this kind of “moon watch” .
    further more service prices is out of this world… the only good thing is the soul beside there is no reson to buy Omega The Seiko Kinetic is an amazing watch and qulity 1/10 the price

  • Anonymous

    Peter Diehm – do you still have the watch?

  • Gary L.

    I had a 1970 Speedmaster Professional for thirty years until it was stolen. Finally got around to replacing it with a used Speedy Reduced. After Omega servicing, I am thrilled with it. Looks and runs great, and is running ONLY about 0.4 s/d fast. Great accuracy for a non-chronometer. Although it is NOT as cool as the old non-moon watch Pro that I had, it is still one of the beat watches around. Hurrah for Omegas!

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone tell me when this type was discontinued by Omega? And is there a way of finding out when mine was built ?

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