TokyoFlash Giveaway – NEW New Winner

Posted on 27 March 2012 by Patrick Kansa

Well, we had selected our winner and announced it back on the 8th, and then selected another winner on the 19th, but we never heard from either winner.  So, it’s time to get another winner in a different tactic.

The first person to comment on this thread, AND email me at Patrick @ Wristwatchreview dot com (don’t forget to do both) gets to be the new owner of a TokyoFlash watch.  Third times the charm, right?

UPDATE:  We have our winner now, thanks everyone!

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  • teehud


  • teehud


  • Romeu Figueira

    Nice tactic!

  • Dan

    Third ;)

  • Jacob Saaby Nielsen

    Me !

  • Humanloop

    Rats. Too late!

  • D C Lane


  • Matthew Chamberlain

    Can’t believe I missed it..

  • Gabriel Balas-Baconschi

    please, ad me.

  • wengtity

    Seiko automatic watch is a very fantastic watch , it is so beautiful, and I like it so much.

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