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E Ink Displays Are Coming To Your Wrist

Posted on 06 June 2013 by Patrick Kansa



Love “em or hate “em, the smart watch parade is one that definitely isn”t coming to an end any time soon.  To that end, the folks over at E Ink have decided to start making displays custom-built for watch applications.

Yes, other watches have made use of e-ink (generic) displays in the past, but this looks to be (at least to my knowledge) the first time the E Ink corporation has focused in specifically on a smaller panel destined for your wrist.  How small?  Try a 1.73″ measurement, with a 320 x 240 grayscale resolution.

Fortunately, it looks like this one isn”t vaporware – there”s already one vendor, Sonostar, lined up to use this in their Mobius watch.  To be sure, these displays aren”t nearly as flashy as what you”ll find in your cell phone – but as a complement to your phone (which most of these hook up to), a lower-power display makes sense.

You can read the full PR right , and you can see our other smart watch articles right here; you can also check out a hands-on preview right here.

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