WatchSearcher: Watches Found

logo.gifFratello discusses, a service that allows you to register your watchs and reclaim them if they’re lost or stolen. Apprently this works quite well:

“I have enjoyed this site for some time now( maybe two years now)but have never posted anything. Approximately 6 months ago my PAM 118 was stolen from my home and I thought I would never see it again.( a police report filed,etc.) My wife,who had bought it for me,searched E-bay relentlessly. One night she yelled for me to come to the computer.There it was!To make a long story short the police recovered the watch and it is on my wrist at this very moment. Friends and family were relieved but I felt the need to share this with my fellow Paneristi with those whom can truly understand ( this is not just any watch).”

Stolen Watch Found []



  • beaproof

    Hi do you know if is still available? It appears that the domain hasn’t been renewed and the website seems to be down as of Feb 2014