SlingShox Wants You To Swap



We”ve taken a look at all manner of interchangeable silicone strap watches here on the site (see Simpel or Tikkr, for instance).  Those most commonly feature a fairly basic (read: cheap) plastic-encased quartz movement.  What if you could do something similar, but with a more resilient watch?

slingshox 02

That seems to be the general idea behind Sling Shox.  Product name withstanding, this does seem to be an interesting way to mix things up, especially if you”re in the category of G-Shock collector who has quite a multitude of the line in their collection.  As to whether or not this would be of appeal, I”m just guessing, since I don”t have a G-Shock that these would lash up to.

slingshox 03

That said, they do provide a tool to easily remove the stock strap from the case (which can be difficult on these), and then it”s just a matter of popping the watch head into the new strap.  At $25 apiece (or five for $100), it”s similar to prices you might pay for a “regular” watch strap – and it”s a strap that you won”t have to worry about odd adapters for.

It seems to me that these might be  worth a try if you want to easily add some color, or you”ve got a G-Shock that has a broken strap that needs replacing.  Just head on over to their and start perusing.

* All images courtesy of SlingShox