Giveaway: AVI-8 Hawker Harrier AV-4006-01

AVI-8-Hawker-Harrier-II (20)

Ok, so, yesterday I did tease that we’d have a giveaway coming up, and we certainly do – it’s one that’s starting today.  Read on for all the details on how to enter to win the AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II AV-4006-01.

As you might recall from our review, this watch really goes for a gauge-style layout, using a couple of discs to display the time.  While I realize this isn’t for everyone (it’s not quite my cup of tea), it’s an interesting design for the right person.  If that person is you, just follow along with the widget below to get your entries in.  Just be sure to do so before January 24th rolls around…


Our thanks to the folks at AVI-8 for sponsoring this giveaway.



  • That is a nice piece. I even like the stitching on the band.

  • I like this gauge style layout. Unique. Maybe not suited for a professional who needs accurate timing for job/hobby performance, but for the casual wearer, it should be fine once you get a feel for the layout.

  • Francis Lukesh

    A different approach to the traditional handset affords for a different way of approaching the passing of time. Just like analog hands give one a more present feeling vs the instant transition from minute to minute in the digital display. I really appreciate this piece both aesthetically and because it shifts my focus to different aspects of the passing of time.

  • I kind of like disks type readouts to change things up.

  • Gary Williams

    I am a fan of different styles of telling the time. I follow many different blogs that are only about odd time pieces. This watch is it self much more simplistic than some of them out there and personally I like it better than some of similar style. The color matching, the very easy to read face without too many complications. Its a great watch and I’d love to wear this as a piece to talk about.

  • Steve Mulder

    I love watches like this that experiment with time display. Gauges, unusual dials – anything that pushes the boundaries.

  • Bill Jones

    Interesting design!

  • PZ

    I like watches that are not traditional – for example single hand watches. This Hawker Harrier watch is very interesting.

  • HardRoc

    Definitely a fan of non-traditional watches, would love to have a chance at this one!

  • Humanloop

    Im a huge fan of out-of-the-ordinary watches. Two of my favorites is a Carlo Ferrara dancing hands watch and a dmh jump hour. To see people breaking the boundaries we place upon ourselves with design is very exciting.

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  • tub

    Love this watch. Old style but graceful

  • Adam Winslow

    This Watch is SWEET. I already have a few watches but there is always room for more.

  • Kelly

    This is a cool new look at a great price

  • Tom S.

    Very Cool!

  • I like the gauge-like feel of this watch. This is very much an aviator style watch.

  • nice watch. Wish I can join to giveaway from Turkey 🙁

  • Mike Dalton

    I love traditional and non-traditional timepieces. I especially love these AVI-8’s!!! Thanks!!

  • Seth G

    Really love that some companies are willing to eschew tradition and try something unique!

  • Brian T

    I like the non-traditional style

  • craqus

    it’s a bit unusual, sure… but I blanch when I go to meetings and everyone is wearing the same rolex. (no offense to rolex) Variety, as they say, is the spice of life!

  • I’m a fan of non conventional dials and usually it’s best expressed in aviation based watchs, E.G., the B & R series, but for the price range this lives it appears quite interesting, I’m glad they make an IP version as shiny doesn’t really serve this too well.

  • Fred Wiseman

    I like watches that break up the display and use different ways of showing the info. Makes the watch more interesting and fun to ware.

  • Austin Baroudi

    I tend to stick with traditional watches, but this one is really something! Thanks for the chance!

  • Love it. Simultaneously classic and futuristic. It would go on my wrist immediately.

  • I really like the face of this watch, Also liking the one hand with the hours displayed on the bottom.

  • Matt Hocker

    Great looking watch. I like it.

  • Carla S

    I like traditional watch displays and unique nontraditional watch displays.

  • I actually prefer watches that have a unique way of displaying the time. One of my dream watches would be the Tread watch, even though it will never be in my price range.

  • APDL

    I do like the traditional style but there are times were I would like something unique, something that might start a conversation

  • This watch looks really sharp!

  • I think that as long as the modified way of telling time remains clear, I am all for it.

  • eman

    While it is very nice you guys give us a chance to win a beautiful watch the entry process is a bit redundant and could be more streamlined.

  • Mdarden138

    Unusual watch hands (and cases, dials, and everything else in a watch) is what keeps the watch world vibrant. One mans ugly duckling is another’s swan.

  • Shantel Davenport

    I really like this watch it has a very neat way of showing time. Super fun!

  • simon Ford

    Totally unique piece, with the Avi-8 on my wrist I’d be the envy of all my mates