Christopher Ward Would Like You To Have A Discount


Christopher Ward is a brand that we’ve been pleased to come across here at WWR.  This British company offers a great combination of styling and affordability, with many of their lineup offering your choice of either a mechanical or quartz movement, whichever your budget might allow.  Now, they’re making those prices even better on one of their collections.

As part of their 10 Year Anniversary, CW is offering a 15% discount on their eminently capable C60 collection (you can see our review of the C60 Trident here).  With the exception of the C60 Trident Pro COSC Limited Edition, all C60s are on sale until midnight April 14th.

Head on over here to check out the whole collection, and then use the code TRIDENT15 at checkout to knock another 15% off the already great prices.

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